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A New Book Shows that Marriage is Outdated

30th June 2012

A woman today does not necessarily have to walk down the wedding aisle and put a ring on her finger in order to-- have money, or have sex with a guy, or cohabitate with him, or share finances, or create a family, or even to have and raise children. Furthermore, women do not need a husband in order to be socially accepted and respected in society. Some women today do not even need physical contact with a man in order to conceive. It is a sweeping cultural change embraced by millions, which can't be ignored.

Far Hills, NJ - June 26, 2012 - New Horizon Press announces the release of DON'T SAY I DO! Why Woman Should Stay Single by Orna Gadish, M.Sc— A rising tide of women around the world today are forgoing traditional wedding vows and choosing the single life. In fact, 47 percent of young adults have never been married and the percentage includes more women than men. As women rise in the workforce, cohabitation increases, and single parenthood becomes more accepted, fewer women than ever opt to tie the knot.

Provocative, timely and relevant, DON'T SAY I DO! Why Woman Should Stay Single (New Horizon Press, July 2012) by Orna Gadish, MSc, challenges marriage as the first choice for women in today's world. The book takes an in-depth look and reveals that the rules of the game have changed dramatically. Lifestyles have loosened and became hectic and pretty much diverse. Science and technology accelerate the pace and improve the standard of living. Limitations of time and place play minor roles or are not relevant at all. The world has become fast, flat, and overly global. And in the new constellation, new choices and options for women, as well as alternative family structures have emerged.

Some of the relationship, dwelling, family, and career options presented in DON'T SAY I DO! were unimaginable a few decades back. Some alternatives are described as "worthwhile substitutes for marriage" for unmarried and single women.

DON'T SAY I DO! leaves no stone unturned as it exposes that marriage is just one of the choices for a woman today, not the optimal one, and not an essential rite of passage like in the past. Today's women understand that they should not be "doomed" to marriage. Gadish writes.

DON'T SAY I DO! addresses the various relationship options, alternative family structures, methods for conception and motherhood, ways to raise children alone or with a partner, and other alternatives for the unmarried and single women. The book encourages women to forget about the old-fashioned molds. It supports and inspires women to carve their own paths in their professional and private lives.

DON'T SAY I DO! reveals how the sexual revolution set the stage for new life choices, how times have changed, and how women can lead in today's world, unfettered by the marriage chain. Gadish looks at the options, benefits, and problems of unmarried women in fulfilling relationships, unmarried and married women in unhappy relationships, divorced women, and women contemplating marriage.

DON'T SAY I DO! provides tools, strategies, and tips to encourage sexual, psychological and financial independence. The book inspires women to think for themselves, weigh what they need in a relationship, and seriously consider alternate paths.

"Unmarried women today hold the power in their hands to claim their strength in a new world in which women are no longer subordinates but men's equals," Gadish writes. DON'T SAY I DO! encourages single, unmarried, divorced, and even widowed women to take advantage of the new options available today, embrace their status as single and unmarried, and live their lives to the fullest.

Orna Gadish, MSc, is an award-winning writing professional, published author and translator based in Israel. In addition to her far-reaching research on the virtues of single life, she has written two books. Ms. Gadish has an MS degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology.


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