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New COPD DVD Strengthens Breathing Muscles

03rd April 2010

Functional Fitness celebrates being approved by the National Educational Television Association

for syndication on the PBS network of stations. The series is being closed captioned for nationwide

broadcast and is hosted by exercise veteran and occupational therapy practitioner, Suzanne


Offering real life fitness solutions for real life challenges, Healthwise Exercise, producers of

Functional Fitness, has produced a line of Functional Fitness DVD’s for people over 40.

Recommended by doctors as a viable plan to stay functional well into ones later years, Functional

Fitness is proud to announce their COPD DVD was favorably reviewed by a medical review board.

Dr. Mache Seibel, professor of Massachusetts Medical School and founder of HealthRock states,

“Functional Fitness is a cost effective program people can do right at home and I highly

recommend it.”

Suzanne Andrews, host of Functional Fitness on PBS TV, has medically documented the results of

specific fitness and breathing exercises that focus on improving functional lung capacity. Using a

pulseoximeter, a device that measures oxygen saturation and heart rate, Andrews has medically

documented how specific breathing and pulmonary fitness techniques in a COPD patient can

increase oxygen saturation up to 10 points and lower heart rate to a healthier range within 10

seconds. A healthy person has oxygen saturation of 90 and up. However, people with COPD fall

below that line. Andrews often begins treatment with patients whose oxygen is in the 70 - 80's.

Through specific pulmonary rehabilitation techniques, she has successfully increased peoples

oxygen to that of a healthy person, enabling the person to live a functional life with more energy.

With an extensive background in pulmonary rehabilitation, Andrews states, “Being functional with

COPD and asthma begins with learning how your respiratory muscles help you to breathe. Your

diaphragm, which covers the lower chest area, helps you draws air into the lungs. Your abdominal

muscles work with the diaphragm when you exhale. And the intercostal muscles around your ribs

allow the ribcage to expand when you inhale. With correct techniques people with COPD can learn

how to strengthen their breathing muscles.”

Since not everyone with COPD has the option to attend pulmonary therapy, Andrews was

prompted to produce Functional Fitness COPD as an excellent adjunct to a COPD patient plan of

care and is available in doctor’s offices and online and is shipped throughout the Unites States,

Canada and UK.

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