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Startup Business Ideas: Drop Shipping Great Way to Work from Home

17th July 2013

Drop shipping is the perfect way to work from home because there is no purchasing of products beforehand.  Startup business ideas can be terrific home based enterprises especially if they have low upfront costs and low operating costs like drop shipped items do.

“Customers order from a catalog or website, and all of the processing and payments you do,” said Sandy McQueen of

For many who want to work from home, this is an ideal way to do it with very little overhead and upfront cost.  The lack of a large personal inventory is another positive aspect.

“This way you do not have to buy products and take chances of them not selling,” said McQueen.

As great as drop shipping may be, there are drawbacks.  The main one – customer service.

“Often you are nothing more than a vehicle between the warehouse and the customer and you cannot answer many questions.  Expect to spend lots of time on the phone transferring messages,” said McQueen.

There is much more to the drop shipping business than simply deciding to do it.  The most important thing to remember is something McQueen is constantly reminding her readers.

“No business will be successful without lots of hard work on your behalf,” said McQueen.

McQueen has a full page dedicated to drop shipping.  There is a wealth of information found there.  To learn more about it and to see what she has to say, go here and read.

Those who have an interest in startup business ideas or would like to learn more about other aspects of McQueen’s blog should visit her website at

For More Information
Sandy McQueen, site owner
Avon, IN 46123

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