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Sandy McQueen Launches Review to Quell Fears of a USANA Scam

20th March 2013


March 19, 2013 – Author Sandy McQueen has announced the launch of an article, The USANA Scam: Find out the Truth, which discusses the legitimacy of the multilevel marketing program and helps to quell people’s fears that it is a scam. Very similar programs have turned out to be scams. McQueen makes several points in the article to prove this is not the case.

In the article, the author explains what USANA Health Sciences is and that it has a good reputation when it comes to supplements. Being that their products are good, this is one reason, according to McQueen, that this company is different from other multilevel marketing systems. The fact that many of them sell poor-quality products because it is hard to get anyone else to buy them is covered.

The review also says that the products are good quality and the company does not require them to be bought up front by those intending to sell the products. Another factor is USANA’s policy to pay for the products one sells, also mentioned in the article. One can avoid the scam of setting requirements so high that few people can get it done, and there is no requirement for recruiting others into the program either.

Sandy McQueen closes up her argument by stating that anyone who wants to succeed in the program will have to work hard. It is not necessary, however, to assume there is a USANA scam. The opportunity is there to start a lucrative business.

To read McQueen’s review, The USANA Scam: Find out the Truth, and learn more about earning an income online, visit

Contact Information:
Sandy McQueen, Site Owner
Avon, IN 46123

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