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Hiring a Freelancer to Create Websites,a Secret of Success According to Prominent Internet Marketing Blog

29th December 2012


Avon, IN – In every business, there is what they call ‘trade secrets’. These are well-kept, proven strategies and techniques that have helped made a business successful. Under normal circumstances, these trade secrets are not shared, hidden far away from the eyes of competitors. But for popular Internet marketing blogger Sandy McQueen, sharing valuable information has given her more achievements than keeping them for herself. One such secret to her success in internet marketing she is sharing with her followers is the strategy of leveraging ones time through a freelancer .

The concept of outsourcing and hiring a freelancer is not a completely new idea for employers. However, based on statistics, entrepreneurs who have learned that freelancers can greatly propel their business usually discover it the hard way later in their ventures. At the beginning of their goals in establishing a stable online business, their mindset was bent on too much perfection. These entrepreneurs wanted to start advertising their blogs and promoting their website, thinking that they are the only one who is best to handle their website’s design and content.

They later find themselves wasting precious time trying to learn many aspects of website design and coding instead of focusing on more important aspects of their business. Only after experiencing this did they understand that they could have saved an enormous amount of time if they had considered freelance jobs as way to speed up the process of launching their website.
According to Sandy, one important factor in a person’s success in internet marketing is their ability to leverage other people’s time. Creating a website that is not just pleasing to the eye but will convert as well takes creativity and technical know-how. Unless one is an expert in website design, a business person can waste valuable time trying to learn how to build their own site; valuable time that can be saved simply by hiring a freelancer for the job. Let’s read what Sandy has to say:

“The main reason you would want to get a freelancer is that they have skills that you likely don’t have.” writes Sandy McQueen in her trendy blog “Building a website is not all that hard to do but if you have never done it before there will be a learning curve involved. Most small business owners really don’t have the time to learn how to build their own website, especially since the first couple that you build will likely not look all that good anyway. It is far simpler and far cheaper in the long run to hire somebody else to do it for you.”

She also goes to say that hiring just the right freelancer for the job is not that complicated. Hiring one at a time, asking the right questions and utilizing different freelancers with varying skill sets are just some of the many skills successful marketers and employers have mastered that has made their online business thriving.

Hiring the right freelancer to build a good looking website can save an online business person an amazing amount of time indeed; free time that can then be used for other projects that can ultimately save them money. Again, another great tip from Sandy McQueen for aspiring internet marketers who want to learn her secrets in running a successful online business.


This is where Sandy McQueen shares her thoughts and ideas all about being successful in online marketing. In her recent article, “Get a Freelancer to Build Your Website”, she shows how successful marketers hire freelancers to build their first websites. Getting past the learning curve and being able to have more time to run her online business, this is what hiring a freelancer to build her websites has done for her success. For more information about Sandy McQueen, visit her blog or contact her for more information.

Sandy McQueen
Avon, IN 46123

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