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New Blog Posts Added to the Jonathan Franklin Law Office Website

17th December 2012

The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin recently added a new series of blog posts to their website. This allows their customers to see exactly what they offer, as well is keep up to date with what is going on in the industry. It's also very convenient for those who want to research about CA criminal lawyers and Beverly Hills criminal attorneys who offer their services in the area.

The blog posts cover a substantial amount of topics, but they are targeted toward criminal and DUI services of the law offices. This helps customers see exactly what the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin provides and what they bring to the public. It's important to have a professional attorney or lawyer by your side so that you can properly defend yourself in your case. The Law offices of Jonathan Franklin service those who are facing criminal or DUI offenses in court. Getting the right attorney or lawyer for this can be absolutely essential to getting a successful outcome. They can help mitigate and resolve important issues regarding financial fines placed upon you, jail time that the prosecutor is seeking, and charges that may appear on background history or records, which means that employers may still be able to hire you.

The blog is even optimized for the California and Beverly Hills area. This is essential, because if the website wants to attract visitors from this area, they need to have blog posts that cater to those specific people. The blog is very professional, you will find a countless amount of posts covering many different types of topics. This helps their customers get informed and understand the many different complications of DUI and criminal court cases.

The blog also goes in-depth into breathalyzer tests, blood tests, urine tests, field sobriety tests and much more. This helps customers learn about these specific types of tests and understand what types of evidence has been collected against them, if the field officers use these types of tests when arresting them for a DUI. You should review the blog posts that cover the subjects, as it can help you get informed and better understand the situation that is ahead of you.

The blog also talks about saving your drivers license, which is something that you need to think about when you are facing a DUI or criminal charge. Often times, the court or DMV will want to take away your drivers license, because they do not feel that you are responsible enough in order to handle driving. If you have been arrested for a DUI, this shows that you were drinking and thought that you could get behind the wheel, possibly endangering the lives of others. This is not something that is okay if you are impaired, and the court or DMV may want to take away your license to prove this to you. Your Hollywood California DUI Multiple Offender Attorney works for the Los Angeles DUI Attorneys office, and they fight against any drivers license suspension and fight to keep you out of jail, along with mitigating fines and penalites that may be assessed against you. For more details please visit

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