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Internet Marketing Expert Exposes Five Effective Small Business Ideas for a Successful Online Marketing Campaign

13th December 2012


Avon, Indiana – The big players are going out with their big guns. This is what we can expect in the Internet marketing battle field this 2013. Especially with all the competition to be expected, this means all out war. In one of the latest surveys done in the United States, the awareness about the great potential in online marketing has encouraged many companies and traditional business owners to participate in some form of online advertisement or marketing that they have not previously done before.

This simply means that more entrepreneurs are coming in and taking advantage of the power of the Internet to get exposure to their brand, their products and their services. Gone are the days where these companies will just rely on Television, radio or print ads; these days, they hire digital marketers to conduct an online sales campaign for them and they have the budget for it. From creating large ecommerce sites and paying thousands of dollars in PPC campaigns and banner ads, these major players are taking the game seriously.

However, for small business owners who don’t have a large budget like what these companies have, doing all these paid advertisements may not be the best route to take. Renowned online business blogger Sandy McQueen shares her insights on how these small to medium size entrepreneurs can still effectively create a profitable online business without having to utilize the ‘big guns’ these major companies are currently using in their Internet campaigns.

In her blog, Sandy shares with her readers five simple but still very effective business ideas virtually anyone can still implement in their online marketing strategy. Here is her list:

• Blogging
• Affiliate marketing
• Search engine marketing
• Social media marketing
• Online directories

According to her article, blogging is by far, one of the simplest forms of marketing on the Internet. Even major websites incorporate a blog in their pages because blogs that have fresh and unique content attracts Google love. For business owners who don’t have their own products or services, being an affiliate is still very much effective. Creating a niche blog with an affiliate program, this is a great combination according to Sandy for those looking for straightforward business ideas for Internet marketing.

Also, for those who don’t have a big budget to spend for a Pay per Click campaign, SEO or search engine optimization is the next best thing. The great thing about SEO, as long marketers know what they are doing, not only can they use this strategy for their own websites; they can even offer it as a service to their clients. Check out what Sandy has to say:

“All these SEO types aim at creating websites that have unique content that is useful to the millions of people who use search engines to look for information, products and services.” says Sandy McQueen in her recent article “You can therefore decide to optimize your own website to get more traffic and make money or you can also set up a small online business that offers SEO services”.

The option of using SEO on their own websites or the option to charge other webmasters for the service truly makes SEO one of the best small business ideas around because of its versatility.

Social media marketing and online directories are also great and flexible business ideas according to Sandy. Social Media is an effective tool to get a brand trending in a short period of time and setting up a website that will serve as an online directory for business owners to list their blogs is another great business idea for the coming year.

These amazing tips will surely benefit rookie and advanced online marketers, and thanks to these simple but resourceful business ideas, entrepreneurs can have a better chance of leveling the playing field in their online marketing campaigns. For the full article, visit today.


Tim and Sandy McQueen are full time online marketers who love to share their knowledge to their fellow business owners who have the same passion when it comes to creating wealth online. Their tips and suggestions are based on their solid experience and years of practicing the art and science of online marketing and entrepreneurship. Visit their blog today and discover some of the best small business ideas available on the Internet today.

Contact Information:
Sandy McQueen
Avon, IN 46123

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