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Giants of the Weight Loss Industry Skeptical of Nutritional Science Behind

15th November 2012

Scottsdale, AZ  -- With the formation of the Nutrition Science Initiative (NUSI), scientists, physicians and dieting gurus from around the world are working together to help to dispel all the myths surrounding weight loss. Their tagline of “Can we trust anything we know about nutrition?” conveys the skepticism surrounding the science behind current FDA nutrition guidelines in a world of rising obesity, diabetes, and health issues. Many of the founders of NUSI have heralded the ketogenic diet plan, a special high fat, low carbohydrate dieting method as the next step in the search for the best weight loss diet. The keto diet is a modified Atkins diet that can be extremely effective if followed properly and consistently. A brand new blog called Keto Diet Plans was recently launched with the ideals of NUSI in mind and the goal of informing readers about ketosis for fat loss, why the diet works and everything needed to start a keto diet plan.

What is Ketosis?
The principles of the ketosis diet are based on the concept of consuming an extremely low carb diet to induce a metabolic shift that forces the body to burn fat for energy. On a ketosis diet, where carb intake is restricted, glycogen stores are purposefully depleted over the course of a few days. The body then enters a state of ketosis where body fat is burned as the primary energy source.

Why Ketosis Diet Works
Many scientists, physicians, fitness experts and dieticians are beginning to agree with the founders of NUSI and regard the ketosis diet as the optimal way to combat the obesity and diabetes epidemics. This seemingly radical position is not only due to a better understanding of the scientific principles that govern our body’s metabolism, but also to the psychological benefits of following a low carb diet plan. Recent research has provided evidence that restricting carb intake also leads to less cravings, stable energy and a better overall mood. All of these factors play a huge role in helping those following a keto diet plan feel better and stick to the diet when compared to older, traditional dieting methods.

Following a Keto Diet Plan
The ketosis diet has only recently been commended as a scientifically sound dieting method and it can be difficult to find information on how exactly to follow a keto diet. One of the best resources currently available is Keto Diet Plans. This ketosis blog contains more in depth information on the science of ketosis and how this knowledge can be used to create a diet plan that will help anyone achieve their fat loss goals.

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