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Think beyond just the list of Nintendo 3DS games and games for iOS

16th October 2012

If you are crazy about gaming then you no doubt use multiple devices for playing your favourite games. There are many people like you. In fact it is very common to find someone that plays games on the console and their mobile phone. And when you look at the console and the mobile phone you will find that a large number of these devices are the Nintendo 3DS and Apple iPhone respectively. 3DS and iPhone are both excellent for gaming and offer that unique experience that gamers love so much. The list of Nintendo 3DS games and games for iOS are easily available and one can pick and choose as per their personal taste in gaming.



Given a choice and given the money many gamers would buy every title in the list of Nintendo 3DS games and games for iOS. You could be one of these people too. But when you think about it - does it actually make sense to buy all the titles that are available? When you visit the Apple App Store you find millions of free games that can be downloaded. Do you download all of them? You don't, do you? It doesn't make sense because you wouldn't like to play all the games.



Every gamer has their favourite games section. Some gamers like action & adventure games, some gamers like racing and some gamers cannot think beyond multiplayer games. And when someone is intensely into gaming they don't even want to try out the games in the other sections. This is what probably happens to you as well. Hence, it is not feasible to go through the entire list of games. You would save time and money if you focused on the games you love to play.



To know more about your favourite games you should register with a game review website. There are a few advantages of joining such a website.



The first advantage is that you can actually have a look at the list of Nintendo 3DS games and games for iOS. Since the website is dedicated to gaming they are bound not to miss out on any of the titles, existing or upcoming.



The second advantage is that you get to see the ranking and rating of all the games for 3DS and iOS. This helps you choose the games you would love to buy. Buying games for consoles and the iPhone can be expensive depending on the number of titles you generally buy in a month. Since you will be spending good money on games why not only spend on those that are worth it?


The third and very important advantage is that you get connected to a large gaming community. Typically a large game review website has millions of registered users with only one thing on their mind - gaming. You get to join their ranks, engage in gaming discussions with them and also get to know about the best games available at the moment.



So, do more than just looking at the list of Nintendo 3DS games and games for iOS.

Look beyond just the list of Nintendo 3DS games and games for iOS to really enjoy gaming.

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