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Shopping online with page flipping shopping catalog is fun

Nowadays what is the most popular and fashionable way to shopping online? There is no exact answer to it because different people have different tastes in shopping ways. But recently, many people are attracted by a stylish way online. What is it? Let’s go ahead to find out.

“It is so cool to view such an amazing shopping catalog.” Michael said excitedly, “I have never seen that interesting book, you know, you could flip pages of the shopping catalog. And the most interesting thing is that the shopping catalog have been inserted a YouTube video which is related to the products. Man, I like it crazily and I believe you will like, too.”

From Michael’s words we learn that it is a kind of shopping catalog that allows you to flip pages to read, just like a real paper catalog. But a page flipping catalog with YouTube video inserted is more attractive than our traditional paper book.

A voice from Linda: “I’m happy that my customers like my products, and my new shopping catalog. In fact, it is because of my new shopping catalog that people are all attracted. Since I have created a stylish shopping catalog online for my shop, I have been always busy with my shop. My shop online have opened for one year and the sale volume is just so-so. Four months ago, I accidently browsed a kind of software that could make a shopping catalog online with different multimedia added. In order to make my business improved, I tried it for free and I feel this is what I want…”

Between the lines we could got that shopping catalog with page flipping effect is fun and could draw many attention. I’d like to give you a deep knowledge of the page flipping book. Flipping book is mainly made from PDF file, Office documents by a kind of flipping book software. With such software, you can add multimedia materials to the pages like image, SWF, movie, YouTube video etc.

What’s more, once you buy the software, it is free forever for upgrade version. From the day you pay for the flipping book products, you will get a guarantee of 30 days to apply for a full refund if you have any problem we cannot solve or you have any dissatisfaction with the product you have bought.

Posted on: 26/10/2012       Posted in: computers/software/shareware/
Characters that the best flip book software should have

Have you been attracted by page flip books online? They are that amazing and terrific to view. When you click to flip its pages, it feels like you are reading a real paper book with fingers flipping pages. Do you want to create such wonderful page flip book by yourself? If you do, of course the first thing is to purchase and install the flip book software. When it comes to purchase the flip book software, you may doubt that what kind of software is the best tool to create page flip book. I’d like to provide some characters that the best flip book software possesses.

The first thing you should be sure is that website of the seller is a reputable and informative website. Reputable means it has a good reputation in this line, in case you swallow a gudgeon; informative so that you could easily get information on flip book software that is useful for you and its content would update from time to time to keep users helped.

Then, there is a helpful guide for users. As a freshman to the flip book software, you need a helpful guide to show you how use it skillfully. Because unlike real products, take household appliance as example, always have user instructions to show how to use, there isn’t user instruction in flip book software package, so you should be sure the software has good guide, such as a video demo to show you steps to use it.

Next, the most important thing is performance of the flip book software. The software with stable performance would avoid much trouble in later use. Imagine that the page flip book software is often stuck or doesn’t work, what a loss you would get, including not only the purchase cost also your data and the time you spend! Thanks to the trial version, you could get a general condition of the software, which absolutely reduces risk.

Lastly, we need the software at a fair and affordable price. We would not refuse to buy product at a little higher price if the quality is good enough. If fair and affordable, the price is always the last thing to consider. After all, the quality matters most. In another word, given the flip book software has stable performance, we would buy it even the price is a little higher but affordable.

Actually, it is not easy to choose such kind satisfactory flip book software online where there are so many different sellers promoting their products. Different people have different concept on the best flip book software. I think we could say, if the flip book software gets a very good reputation among people, to some extent, it is the best software.

Posted on: 23/10/2012       Posted in: computers/software/shareware/
Office to Flipping Book Pro " professional converter to make your life more interesting

The internet service has been so extensively spread that people from China could focus on the president election of United States from time to time, so people also would not be strange with much other information from countries afar. For example, an interesting page flipping book made by people in China, once it was uploaded to the internet, seems to be shared by different countries’ people. When it comes to page flipping book, you must feel excited. Today there is a new kind of flipping book software for you create flipping books. Why it is called new kind? Apparently, it could create flipping book from all kinds of Office documents, instead of PDF file.

You could remember its name easily — Office to Flipping Book Professional. This kind of software could convert your Office documents like MS word and excel, etc to books with page flipping effect. Moreover, videos, image, audios, hyperlinks and other more multimedia objects can be added to pages of the book.

You could select different templates and themes for your flipping book, which is the first step to make your flipping book attractive. The software provides four mainly templates which contain many different pre-made themes to choose from. You could either make themes by yourself following our steps or download theme at our website.

Taking valuable time into consideration, the software allows you to batch convert office documents to flipping books. This function greatly saves your time spending on creating flipping books. You could either add office documents one by one manually or add folder to add documents containing in the folder automatically.

There are different choices of output formats when converting to flipping book. The software helps you get your own digital publications, electronic magazines, 3D brochures and flash flipping catalogues that can be published online, offline and CD-ROM. The APP format makes the online flipping book can be run on Mac.

More importantly, Office to Flipping Book Pro assembles all the function to convert different office documents to flipping book, which saves you much money. You cannot imagine it if you buy all kinds of softwares to convert these different documents. And so much softwares in a mess would make your computer out of order. Since such kind software includes all these function, why not take the convenient and flexible one?

Posted on: 22/10/2012       Posted in: computers/software/shareware/
Make a page flip book for President Election of United States


The President Election of United States is still going ahead with dramatic debates between President Obama and Governor Romney. If you are a fan of Obama or Romney, I think you would never miss any important debate between the two. You have collected many materials about the situation of President Election, like some important addresses, videos, pictures and so on. Do you want to make a page flip book to describe the whole situation of President Election? It looks like a real paper book to show the main and important issues and events during the election. If you have collected all these information about election, it would not difficult for you to create such a meaningful flip book.


Firstly, arrange all the materials you collected in order, including text and pictures, and save as PDF file; (of course, some other pictures and video would be used later.)

Then, launch flip book software (Wise PDF to Flipbook Professional), click “Import PDF” to import the PDF that you saved;

Next, click “Edit Pages” to the editing interface in which you can add multimedia materials to your pages. In the interface, you can add some other pictures as a complement. If you get the audio of their address, you are also allowed to add. Additionally, it would be better if you add movies (flv, f4v, mp4) of their addresses and debate between them from your computer or insert online YouTube video to pages. If you got many pictures showing support to Obama or Romney, too, you even could make a photo slideshow to compare their situation. Moreover, for information that you cited from website, the flip book software enables you to add links to lead to the webpage, which could protect yourself from dispute, but also the website.

Lastly, you can select a suitable template and theme for the flip book. As all things are completed, you can click “Convert to Flipping Book” to begin converting. It will only take you few minutes to convert.


After creating such a meaningful flip book, you can upload it to your website and share with your friends. Everyone would be surprised by your page flip book.

Posted on: 19/10/2012       Posted in: computers/software/shareware/
Useful tips for you to create page flip book



When creating page flip book from PDF file, I think you would always encounter problems like this or that. For example, how to make your page flip book look more attractive and vivid? I have heard many Emails to ask me such questions. Most of them speak highly of the demo of the Wise PDF to Flipbook Professional and want to create one like it, too. To the truth, it takes lots of time to create such wonderful demo to display the product’s functions and capability.

After importing PDF file, the first thing you need to do is to select a template and theme for your flip book. Here you should take the style of template and theme into consideration which should be in accord with your book’s content. For example, for fashion magazine, it’s better for you to choose a novel template and a stylish theme; for business magazine, it would be better if you choose a classical template and a clear theme; while for children’s book, a simple template and lovely theme would be more suitable. That is to say, a harmonious appearance of your flip book would contribute to getting more attention.

On the left of interface, you could make some toolbar settings to make flip book look better. Some tool bars like Home Button, About Button, Help Button, Search Button, Share Button and Social Button could be switched to show. As you have shown Home Button, you can input Page URL to lead readers to your homepage.

In Flip Page Editor, add link, image, SWF file and YouTube video to your flip book properly. Never overuse of these multimedia materials, otherwise it would make your flip book in a mess. Never begrudge the materials used on page that needs them.

In fact, to create a page flip book is a thing that cannot be easier. But to create a wonderful page flip book is not such an easy thing. Anyway, if you remember the above tips, you could get an attractive flip book much easier.

Posted on: 18/10/2012       Posted in: computers/software/shareware/
Flip Page Editor " add lustre to your flip book


I believe you have got page flip book of your own. How do you like your flip books? You envy other’s flip books with flash, animation and movie, etc? So when you were creating your page flip book, you haven’t added the multimedia materials to pages. Do you know why you cannot add multimedia materials? It is because that your flip book software doesn’t support the function. To tell the truth, Wise PDF to Flipbook Professional, with the Flip Page Editor, would help you add lustre to your page flip book. You may wonder what Flip Page Editor is and what functions included in it. Just read following paragraph patiently and you absolutely have no need to envy other’s flip books.


Flip Page Editor is a powerful function of Wise PDF to Flipbook Professional, which is the distinctive function differing from Wise PDF to Flipbook. With Flip Page Editor, you could add many different multimedia materials to your page flip book quickly and flexibly, which adds lustre to your flip books greatly. You know, people always attracted by things that are creative or unique. Therefore, if your flip book equipped with such wonderful materials, no one would not be fascinated by you.


Ok, let’s stop beating around the bush and to go to the point.


Just click “Edit Pages” and you would go to the Flip Page Editor interface, in which you could add link (open a link, go to page etc.), sound, movie (flv, f4v, mp4), image (jpg, png, bmp), SWF file, and YouTube video, even printable area. The steps to add these multimedia materials are similar: first of all, click the icon of object you want to add, double click on the page; then do as the according steps.


Add Link — enables you to go to pages, open a link, open flash window, call JavaScript function, play audio and show photo slideshow.

Add Movie — you can add it from your local folder.

Add Image — add images to enrich or supplement your page flip book.

Add Sound — add a suitable song to your flip book to make reading an enjoyable thing.

Add Flash — adding flash file obviously is more vivid than image. The dynamic flash impresses people easily.

Add YouTube video — it is understood that the YouTube video is one of the most popular website to view video. If your page flip book comes with a popular video, anyone would be attracted by you.

Add Printable Area — such function enables you to print out part of your flipbook, for example, one picture or one paragraph of text.

Posted on: 18/10/2012       Posted in: computers/software/shareware/
Page Flip Book " Invite you to enjoy the latest reading mode


It is very common that more and more people incline to read books with different mobile devises online or offline. In another word, eBook has gradually begun to take the place of traditional paper books. And now many computer software companies develop various ways to reading eBooks of which page flip book is one kind.

Page flip book is a kind of eBook that could flip pages one by one or automatically flip pages. Such feeling of flipping pages is like reading a real paper book. You just need to draw or click the corner of flip book. You are also allowed to add bookmark to the pages that you have read. What’s more, you can label your bookmarks with different words. For example, when you are reading some very important or useful information in the book, you can label the bookmark as important or useful. It would be flexible for you to find the information when you need it. Hence, this kind of bookmark has function of traditional bookmark, and beyond it.

This page flip book makes a sound that sounds like real flip sound when you flip pages. The sound could turn on or off as you like. If you don’t like flipping sound, change a beautiful music as the background sound. So is the background picture. You can change different pictures as background of your flip book. The background picture could be an image or SWFfile.

You must want to make the flip book could be more attractive with some multimedia objects added. That’s a piece of cake. Flip book software allows you to add link, YouTube video, movie, sound, image, which enriches your page flip book greatly. Add these materials to the related pages would make your flip book interesting and attractive.

To manage to create a page flip book is to succeed; to read a page flip book is to enjoy your success. Do not hesitate to install flip book software; it is really a good thing that deserves to possess.

Posted on: 18/10/2012       Posted in: computers/software/shareware/
Effective ways to share your page flip book online



After you have created your page flip books, you just cannot wait to share them with your friends. How many ways do you know to share your flip book? You may know share offline. But today I’d like to share some ideas about how to share your page flip book online which could help you make more of your friends know your books.

There are two situations of sharing flip books for you to concern:

Situation one: if you have a website, then just upload the output files by FTP or other ways:

1) Log in your website via FTP, for example, you website domain is;

2) Upload all of files in the output directory to your website. For example, your output directory is C:outmyflipbook.

Then upload the directory "myfilpbook" (including "files" folder, SWF and HTML files) to your site.

3) See your flipping book at: "" or better:


Situation two: If you don’t have your own website to publishing created flip book files, there are still two methods for you, too:

1) Publish the flip book onto your blog with uploading all output files (include folders);

2) If you can't upload folders to your blog or you don't have a blog, there is an online backup and share website you can utilize to publish your created page flip books:

1. Create an account in Dropbox:

2. Choose "*.html" as flip book output format, choose output path as "…DropboxPublicflipbook" (make sure under "Public" folder);

Open the "flipbook" folder under Dropbox path, right-click to share online, then you can browse the files on Internet; Click the "index.html" to view the flip book, you will get the book link like this: Then you can send the link to other people to view your flip book online.

Posted on: 18/10/2012       Posted in: computers/software/shareware/
How to make full use of Upload Online service?


It’s believed to us that when we make something interesting or creative, we would like to share with our friends online or offline. When creating page flipping book, do you want to upload to your website? What? You mean you don’t have a website. That’s all right. If you don’t have a website, you also can upload your flip book online. You may ask how to do it. Well, actually the flip book software provides a service to upload flipping books to its website. With using the service, you can upload your created flipping book online instantly without FTP or other upload tool. Then you can easy open your book in the browser of your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android. There is no size limitation to your books, and you can publish 1,000 books in the Service at the same time.

Steps to use this service are very easy:

1. Create your account;

2. Log in your Account to our website;

3. Define your book name and upload right away.

What’s more, you are allowed to manage your uploaded flipping books at any time, and any place with your account logged in.

You know, there are many advantages to use this Upload Online service: 1. All your created flipping books can be immediately published to everyone all over the world after your completing design of your book; 2. No matter how many, how large flipping books you published, you only need to pay for the service per month; 3. You can totally control your published books, stop publish, continue show books, or even delete completely; 4. The technique support for FlipBuilder Host Service is basic on Amazon clouds service, very strong and steady server to host your books; 5. Easy share your books with your clients, friends now, just send or share the link via email, FaceBook, Twitter with ease; 6. You can stop using our Services any time, and FlipBuilder offers 30 day money-back guarantee.



This Upload Online service is very convenient and flexible for users to manage page flip books. And the service we provide will be improved better and better with your support and suggestions.

Posted on: 18/10/2012       Posted in: computers/software/shareware/
Set multiple language for your page flip book


In such a big world, we would make many friends all around the world, from different areas to different countries. So your friends are speaking different languages. How would you share your news with your different languages spoken friends? Maybe usually you would communicate with those friends whose mother language is not English in simple English. What if you want to share with them a professional information? They could not understand English jargons very well, so they need to read in their mother language. For different language-spoken friends, are you ready to translate things you want to share to so many different language? And actually how many languages you are good enough to translate?

This is really a question if you want to share something professional to your foreign friends. You may wonder that how could you share your page flip book with your friends in different countries. That is the point I want to talk about.

You totally have no need to worry about it because our flip book software, such as Wise PDF to Flipbook Professional, provides a function to set multiple language for your page flip books, which makes people in different countries convenient to read the flip book. Let’s go on looking out how to set multiple languages for your page flip book.

Firstly, find the Language under Design Setting and click “…”select the languages you need;



After check the languages, click switchable to set it as Yes and apply change.


Then a icon of switch languages would be shown in your flip book. You can click it to switch language you need.


So your friends could understand and use your flip book quickly and easily.

Posted on: 18/10/2012       Posted in: computers/software/shareware/
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