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2013 Calendar To Deal with Holidays and Important Dates

Every December we start thinking about changing our yearly calendar. Even a single day without a calendar seems very incomplete. Although we all have them in our mobiles and computers but still we need them displayed in our homes as we don't know when we might have to use them. At the end of the year, whenever you visit a market, you will be seeing calendars being displayed in every shop.

Some people are really creative when it comes to designing and making calendars. They express creativity in it and people love to buy them, as calendars are also a showpiece on the walls! If you want to make your own printable calendar, we can help you out! What you can do is, you can use last year's calendar as the base and take print outs of New Year dates and paste them on the base of old year's calendar. You can even decorate it according to your taste. You can put a celebrity’s poster and paste a little calendar on any corner of it! The possibilities are endless.

You can make your own calendar or most of the times; you get a free calendar from some place or the other. At least pocket calendars are very popularly distributed by companies having their advertisements on it.

We have another for you if you want to make your own 2013 calendar. You can get your photos printed on some sites in the form of a calendar. Such a facility has become extremely popular and this service is provided by almost every photo printing website. It is a very innovative way to display your clicks and using the photos efficiently. Use them so that they don’t just die buried inside your hard disk!

Ideas can be many, things actually depend upon your budget, your requirements, your own personality and the time that you want to spend in it! You can even do one simple yet very different and effective thing. People generally don’t stare at your calendar for a long time. But in case you spend a lot of time in making and decorating it and if you want people to go through it with attention, do this:

Take a print of 2013 horoscope and cut the horoscopes in small pieces so that you can paste them in different pages. Take one horoscope for every sun sign and paste them in corresponding month. So you will have a calendar which will not only have dates, but also some interesting stuff to read in it! This will make people not only just have glance at your hand made calendar but even browse completely through it! Would it be an interesting thing?

If you don't want to go through all this pain of making, thinking, decorating and then putting up a calendar, then you can simply spend some money and buy from market. Now a days, good quality and high resolutions prints are done on calendars. Whatever you do, but do get one for your home, to avoid making your walls empty and make them complete!

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How to Settle Complete Grinding of Ball Mill?


Ball Mill is widely used in metallurgy,build material,coal,chemical,pottery and curative industry,and it is one of the most important equipments.this kind machine is main made up of one big shell,bearing and gear.There are many grinding medium,such as steel ball.

It is a dangerous signal of the full grinding phenomenon of ball mill - a commonly used dressing machinery. The full grinding phenomenon is also known as 'full mill' or 'boring mill', which belongs one of the common anomaly phenomenon in the operation process of ball mill. Therefore the operator should timely deal with the problem if the situation happens. Specialists from hongxing machinery will teach you how to solve 'full grinding' phenomenon and the details are as follows.

First of all, the sign of 'full grinding': if it is a slight full grinding of the ball mill: the mill sound will gradually become low from clear, the discharging amount of the mill tailing is reduced and the pressure at the import and export port of the ball mill increases; if the full grinding of the ball mill is serious: the grinding sound will disappear, the current of main motor is reduced considerably, and the discharging amount of the mill tailing reduces greatly. Now we will detailedly introduce the good solutions of the' full grinding' phenomenon of ball mill:

1. It is generally reduced the feeding or stopped the feeding and strengthen the ventilation of the ball mill so that the ball mill operating with less material or no material to produce more heat. As with the drying mill, it should be increased the feeding heat of the mill, which is in order to make water quickly evaporate and take hot air away at the same time; at the same time, the adhesion material adhered on the steel lining plate and the partition plate and in grate gap will be dropped off for thermal expansion. To a service-oriented brand integrity,As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery ,like sand washing plant, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

2. If the method described above is invalid, stop the feeding and add auxiliary agents for ball-milling to the ball mill (such as add coal or lime to the raw mill, and add dry slag or dry slag to cement mill), then feed small amounts of material after the grinding sound be closer to normal; after the grinding sound normal you can gradually increase the feeding rate until normal feeding.

3. If the 'full grinding phenomenon' is particularly serious, it needs use the inverted grinding method, which is pouring the ball and materials in the chamber and completely pitched the crust on the lining plate and the steel ball, clear the clogging objects of the bin isolation board slot, and then re-equipped the ball or replace the poured ball. Which is suitable for the clearance of the wet ball mill.

After the separating warehouse, the ball mill can be saving ball mill consumable, such as steel ball and lining board consumption.In addition, after the classified chamber the ball mill can play two different effect, one is crushing, the other is the grinding effect. It uses the inertial force of large equipment for crushing, which is the unique property of the classified chamber ball mill.

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How to Find Chance and Improve Agricultural Machinery ?


One of the most ingenious, novel, and, we believe, useful inventions of its kind, is a plan recently brought out, of applying power to agricultural and other hand or horse-propelled machinery, without the serious disadvantages attending the great weight, and consequent propulsive power ordinarily required. The cutters, and working parts of mowers, reapers, and tilling machines, are ordinarily driven from a wheel which carries the principal weight of the implement, and is itself rotated by its adhesion upon the ground, as the implement is drawn forward. Now, if the weight upon this wheel were very light, and the power required from it considerable, the wheel would slip over the ground like a sleigh runner, and the attached machinery would not be propelled. To avoid such a result, not only is the implement itself made very heavy, but the driver adds his weight to it, and the tread of the wheel itself is in most cases roughened with spikes or projections like a steamer's paddles, so that it shall more firmly adhere to the ground. That is to say: a light frame-work is amply sufficient to carry the working machinery, but for the simple purpose of adhesion, we add a tremendous and otherwise unnecessary load, provide several times the otherwise requisite power to draw it, and still further obstruct its easy action by driving the spiked wheels into the ground, and in thereby giving them a jarring and unsteady motion. Therefore the aid of the horse is called in; man power will not answer for even the lightest work.

Agriculture and developed areas, must be developed areas, agricultural mechanization, farm machinery and equipment industry is even more developed regions. However, Heilongjiang save the exception.

Heilongjiang is China's first granary, and medium-sized farm machinery ownership in the country first, but the development of farm machinery and equipment industry, almost at a standstill. More than 20 years ago, Heilongjiang Province, sales of farm machinery and equipment manufacturing industry nearly 20 billion yuan, the current remains the same, ranking first in the country has dropped to 17th. To a service-oriented brand integrity,As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery ,like rock cone crusher, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

Provincial Agricultural Research Institute Di He believed that reform and opening up more than 30 years, Heilongjiang Province, have missed the 'little four', 'agricultural vehicle' and 'horsepower tractors' and other development opportunities in the three farm machinery and equipment industry, today ushered in the big horsepower tractors, combines power and ancillary equipment for the characteristics of agriculture and animal husbandry 'modern farm machinery and equipment industries,' the development of the fourth opportunity.

A strong agricultural consumer market, naturally attracted many well-known agricultural enterprises. October around the province farm enterprises, 'China's a drag' and the Norwegian Grand Group will be held at Harbin agricultural exhibition, the world's second-largest farm machinery manufacturer, 'Cisco' Our company has a clear-owned factories in the northeast region.

It is proposed to apply the same principle to the lever, or sweeping horse power, as well as to the chain railway, or the device known as 'the horse power,' for sawing wood, &c. In the lever power constructed on the new principle, not only the full muscular power of the animal is obtained, but the direct velocity of about 100 revolutions in a single circuit made by the horse, renders nearly all the gearings of the old lever powers superfluous, and thereby simplifies and cheapens the machinery. It is evident that in obtaining a great direct velocity, the motion will be more regular, and obviate the inequalities and jerks, which in the old machines are constantly occasioned, by any change in the amount of power used; this uniform motion will be less fatiguing to horses.

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