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Posted on: 19/11/2012       Posted in: business/accounting/
Mining machinery also cares about earth


At present, in our country’s mining machinery industry more mature are mining machinery, beneficiation equipment, crushing and grinding machine, sand making device, ore washing equipment, screening machine, driving machine for mining, mining loading and accessory equipment and other equipment. But in the market for small scale mining machinery factory, because of its small production scale, low productivity, coupled with cannot adapt to the supply requirements after the integration of resources, this is the main reason to cause our country’s mining machinery excess production capacity. Long-term business, not only waste a lot of raw materials, but also for energy saving and emission reduction cannot control. Long-term development will not only cause decline in company benefit, but also have adverse consequences for countries implementing energy-saving and emission reduction. As the country put on the agenda of mining machinery industry energy-saving and emission reduction, while eliminate backward production capacity is also a matter of time.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been dragging its feet deciding whether or not to truck fresh water to residents and determining whether or not the town’s drinking water contains toxic level chemicals. As the mining machinery industry has more serious overcapacity, the phenomena that the high pollution and high energy of backward productivity and advanced productivity compete for raw materials and market exist in varying degrees, caused a serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution can not be ignored. In terms of the important symbol of a country’s industrial strength-crusher machine, because it plays an important role in national economy so as a major alteration target.

For those unfamiliar with the hydraulic fracturing, or the more commonly known fracking, process, it involves pumping water, sand and chemicals into deep methane-rich shale formations underground to release natural gas. According to the U.S. Energy Department, fracking accounts for about a third of the st1:country-region w:st='on' U.S. gas supply, which is a 14 percent increase from 2009 figures. The Obama administration has advocated for fracking in the st1:country-region w:st='on' U.S. to release the nation’s natural gas, thus reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign oil and coal which has a long list of harmful effects. Aiming at the enterprise product structure adjustment and technical innovation, famous mining machinery, crushing and grinding machine, ore dressing machines manufacturer-Hongxing Machinery in the face of energy-saving and emission reduction and eliminate backward products doing extremely well. We bravely give up on high cost of production, high energy consumption, low production of small type jaw crusher, impact crusher and other equipment production, and continuously improve the production capacity of large models equipment.

spiral classifier price: primary crushers:

Posted on: 05/09/2012       Posted in: business/accounting/
Social factors affecting crushers waving prices


As we all know, many factors impact the price of crusher, such as the price of steel, ore prices, the price of construction materials, and even house prices will affect the crusher industries, thereby affecting the crusher offer. Now, the crusher is mainly affected by steel prices, market dynamics and other effects, according to analysts, steel market stock market today is serious, realistic market-oriented mentality.

This year’s wave of small traders market was mainly due to low market procurement, centralized procurement of energy release, the flow control of steel shipments, resulting in stock market size, and then pulled the entire market benchmark price. As the demand and supply side in the main no major changes, so this wave is mainly expected to rely on market-driven. The mentality of the majority of traders and steel mills tend to reality, the concept gained a reasonable profit, so the market this year, a large number of small traders store goods, and explore the potential market demand, timely service, make a reasonable profit for traders, and a little more than this, reflecting the maturity of the current market sentiment, and thus the market price fluctuations produce dramatic inhibition, resulting in a slight current high market price fluctuations.

Perhaps the trend of the steel industry will change the price of mining equipment, crusher structure: With the various types of steel prices rise, the market volume to shrink, the price trend of the market outlook is extremely uncertain, and constantly run high steel prices and public opinion put the price of iron ore to form a contradiction. Post-steel prices, the short term risk is not great, but if the procurement needs of downstream users, or can not effectively released, the possibility of rising steel prices will not be great.

ore recent full steel export contracts, the major manufacturers put in export production tasks, the resources for the domestic market to take control, making the stock structure is more reasonable. But after May, the recent export contracts since the RMB exchange rate volatility, resulting in the export competitiveness of domestic steel resources weakened, if not unexpected market impact events, the late steel export contract will decrease. Surplus resources to the domestic steel market will absorb the inevitable ability to test some of the big traders have their own volume and long-term contract agreement ahead of the market volume, in fact, this is a signal that the market outlook for steel prices divisive views to see the gradual increase in air power, so the trend for post-market should be careful not to over-optimistic.

Therefore, in the next period of time, due to steel prices, price crusher will have some growth. Of course, factors that impact crusher price changes for the need to purchase equipment, crushers offer more consulting business in terms of pricing information is necessary.

ore spiral classifier: china mobile crusher:

Posted on: 05/09/2012       Posted in: business/accounting/
Ball mills make raw materials grow maturely


Ball mill grinds material by rotating a cylinder with steel grinding balls, is an efficient tool for grinding many materials into fine powder. It is widely used in building material, chemical industry, etc. The ball mill energy use factor is low, the distribution situation has the enormous relations with the material in grinding. Therefore discovered more approached the grinding machine outer layer, the abrasive action is bigger. When grinding machine actual production, the materials entered the mill to fall directly the inner layer, the process dynamics analysis, the inner layer material had to through the long time to enter the outer layer, reduced the production efficiency greatly.

Hongxing ball mill has many characters :

1. Save power: it can save 40% power than the old crushing machine. The grain size of end-product is homogeneous. As to the granularity of the end-product, rod mill is almost similar to that of ball mill.

2. Adopt advanced technology to adjust the feeding and discharging size, meanwhile, select appropriate grind media based on practical needs of users, replace the original surface-touch to line-touch. All these actions make the grain size more uniform, the yield higher and be fit for ores of different hardness(from Mons 5.5-12)

3. Discharing grain size can be adjusted through simple adjustment. Granularity –control device and sieving device can effectively make sure that the material won’t be over-crushed, and that unqualified products won’t be mixed in the end-product. The granularity features of end-product are related to the feeding material. The bar first crush the large ores and then the small ones so that the risk of over-crush is avoided. When the bar raises, the fine grains pass from the niche of the bar, it makes the large ones being crushed and concentrated in the place where the media has beated. Thus, the size of output is uniform and the risk of over-beaten is largely avoided.

Ball Mill is mainly used to mix and grind materials.Fineness of product is homogeneous and saves dynamic. It can be used for dry and wet grinding. This machine can adopt different liner types according to production requirement to meet different needs. Fineness of grinding operation is controlled automatically depending on grinding time. Self-coupling voltage reducing of electric motor is started to reduce starting current and its structure can be divided into integral type and independent type. In order to cause the material to be quickly even, it has made the improvement to grinding machine feeding. First the old-style right angle feeding change the inclination angle type, then slide the angle to be bigger than stops the angle, will cause the material fast smoothly to enter. Then reasonable selection feeding spot, causes the material to enter the tube body outer layer directly. Finally through the computation and empirical dates, had determined the device material, the material feeding rate, the mill the rotational speed and the grinding machine power and so on.

vibratory feeder: stone crusher plant:

Posted on: 05/09/2012       Posted in: business/accounting/
We crushers want to be the stronger giants


In recent years, crusher sales are growing rapidly with the development of economy, whhich also implies that crusher industry has a promising prospect. After realizing this business point, many companies have joined the big family of the crusher industries, which results in the situation where the scale of crusher industry is enlagring but the power isnot strong. Faced with such a huge family, Henan Hongxing Heavy Industries always adgdhere to combining independent innovation and casting brand in the world and spares no effort to break through the intense competition screen, doing the navigation for the future development of crusher industry.

The acceleration of domestic infrastructure construction, the replacement and update of crushers and the intensity of reconstruction of foreign less developed regions and so on,all of these advantages are bound to push the crusher and auxiliary equipments industries to a new surge of development. Under the situation where opportunities and challenges coexist,the lasting and healthy development of crusher needs the support of the country and gather resources from all sources to lend every effort to promote growth-oriented enterprises to be bigger and stronger for a long time, cultivating more top 100 companies and century enterprise.

One problem worth mentioning is that construction waste is the first major trouble among all the residue waste that plagues the lives of urban and rural residents. It not only brings a lot of inconvenience to people's lives, but also generates potential pollution risks for the more urban environment. Therefore, Construction waste recycling is imperative. Construction wastes can be broken into different materials according to the different ingredients, for example, waste concrete can regenerate new concrete aggregate by crushing. This type of recycling economic model has become a hot issue chased by sand and rock industry. Thus, the gravel equipment manufacturers in China should be supported by current situation, focus more on research and development and produce the relevant equipment for crushing construction waste. The commissioning of this equipment can become a new profit growth point for sand and gravel equipment manufacturers in China.

To response to national calls and policies, Hongxing Heavy Industries increases the R & D intensity of dedicated crusher equipment, which is used for recycling waste resources. According to the characteristics of construction waste, it designs reasonable and efficient constructive waste disposal equipment, achieving the recycle of constructive waste through a complete set of equipment, including crusher, cone crusher and other equipment. In modern society, in the case that resources have been dwindling; the constructive wastes processing equipments produced by Henan Hongxing Heavy Industries have win many favors.

china sand washers: primary crushers:

Posted on: 05/09/2012       Posted in: business/accounting/
Story of the history river for Hongxing Machinery


Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd, formerly known as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army 55201 machinery factory, is a comprehensive R & D and manufacture organization of the mining machinery industry in China, which is mainly responsible for the R & D and export of China's large-scale mining machinery. After decades of spectacular development, Hongxing,this old mining machinery enterprise, is full of vitality and creates many major technological achievements, producing a variety of products to meet the needs of the mining, chemical, construction, bridges, roads, railways, bridges and other projects that are involved in stone crushing and milling.

As a leader in the technical research and development of the mining machinery industry in China, Henan Hongxing ming machinery, when complying with the domestic and external demand, we firmly grasp the strategic opportunities of China's mining machinery and equipment industry which has a rapid development. We insist on starting from customers’ demand and regarding market as orientation and constantly enhancing the capability of independent innovation, having created a group of achievements in scientific research, which effectively promote the technological progress of the mining machinery industry in China.

In the development process, it expresses the struggle for the reality and the pursuit of the future with an indomitable attitude. Hongxing mining machinery, on the way of development, constanly challenges itself. When upholding the fine traditions, it is also courageous to break a variety of constraints that is not suitable for development, but bravely to make innovation and advance with the times. Hongxing has being continuously innovated, made itself better, challenged the limits over the years, striving to provide the customers with high quality products

The real leader of one industry, is not the one that just manufactures high quality products, but also provide the high quality products together with the high quality of service. So far, Hongxing mining machinery has become the main production and export base of mining machinery in China.

We provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase Flotation cell, Vibrating screen, from our company.As a professional mining machinery exporter, we will win your trust with our delivery speed, Enterprises Credit and product quality.

concentrator table: single toggle jaw crusher:

Posted on: 05/09/2012       Posted in: business/accounting/
Hongxing people fight for challenges bravely


Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is a joint-stock mining machinery manufacturing enterprise integrated in scientific research, production and marketing. It is located at the High & New Technology Industries Development Zone of Zhengzhou, China with an area of 50000㎡ which includes 15,000 m2 of standard heavy duty industrial workshop. Equipments are more than 160 pieces, including large and medium sized l processing, riveting and installing equipments. There are more than 660 workers including 80 administrators with secondary and senior occupational titles and engineering technicians. In order to promote the competitive strength, the advanced technologies have been introduced from America, Germany, Japan and Australia, which established the international advanced production line, first-class modern testing base as well as research centers of sand maker, mill and mine-selecting equipment. Scientific management, advanced processing technology and innovative manufacturing theory make the company become the mining machinery manufacturing and exporting base in China.

In recent years, people have put more and more attention to infrastructure construction, to some extent, it stimulates the development of crusher equipments. Crushing equipments are related to many different industries, such industries as cement, sandstone, mining, desulfurization and energy. In part, it reflects the overall development of heavy industry and these industries are faced with intense market competition. In order to boost economic development a lot of manpower and material resources have been invested. The development of cement, steel and concrete industries not only stimulates crusher equipment industry but also brings tough competition.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. launches a series of crusher equipments with diverse models and stable performance, which are the ideal processing equipments for cement, highway and electricity and water industries. Faced with tough challenge, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. moves forward and grasps the current trend. They pay attention to the innovation technology and product quality. High-end service technology can meet customers' demands. As a modern enterprise, they accept the challenge and improve themselves.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is famous for their professional crusher equipments, under the support national policy; they open up their own territory in mining machinery industry. The produce crusher equipments, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher and other large crushing equipments. At the same time, they also have powder separator, vibrating feeder and sand production line.

sand washing equipment: vibratory feeder:

Posted on: 05/09/2012       Posted in: business/accounting/
Hongxing cone crushers cross over the world


The cone crusher is one of the newly invented high-tech crusher equipment. It gets high efficiency, lower cost and greater crushing ratio. Commonly it is used in producing fine and superfine crushed materials and we can see them in stone production line, gravel production line etc.

The hydraulic cone crusher and the spring cone crusher are two kinds of the key cone crusher. They have similarities, but they also have difference in their properties and characteristics. Now Hongxing experts will tell you some difference between hydraulic cone crusher and spring cone crusher in properties and characteristics

Hydraulic cone crusher has the following advantages and characteristics

1. Reasonable structure, reliable operation

Operation and maintenance cost is low; using a great crushing force, high efficiency, high output.

2. It has a convenient and reliable hydraulic system , and it provide more safer and effective overload protection.

3. A variety of crushing cavity, adapt to the big range the granularity of product requirements.

4. Adopts hydraulic adjustment, hydraulic cavity Settings, automation rise greatly.

Spring cone crusher performance features:

1. High efficiency, the bowl of shape bearing a higher precision reserves, and the focus on thin oil lubrication system, when need to adjust the discharging mouth big hours can start hydraulic pressure station by pushing cylinder adjustment, when not broken material into the crushing cavity, spring safety device can protect the equipment are not destroyed.

2. Spring break the taper type grease purgeable way, can avoid improper operation of cause water oil mix phenomenon, when seals wear, because the role of spring, it can automatic compensation, still make seal attached close, continue to play a seal , when seals for between one-quarter and one-third wear about the original thickness, must change the seal.

There are a lot of familiar characteristics within hydraulic core crusher and spring cone crusher, but there is difference too.

ore vibrating feeder: limestone rotary kiln:

Posted on: 05/09/2012       Posted in: business/accounting/
Ball mill mills materials to the finest grains


Cement Ball Mill is an equipment of cement plant, which is mainly used in the building material, llurgical, electric and chemical industries. The Ball Mill could grind various clinkers and other materials into powders.

Ultra fine and productive cement Ball Mill: The Ball Mill is mainly used in open-circuit grinding system. The equipment features simple system and process, efficient investment and space saving. The structure of the Ball Mill adopts a special compartment design used for powder separation inside the chamber. The fine-grinding chamber adds an activation device. And the end of the mill has a special discharging grate plate, minimizing the size of grinding medium inside the grinding chamber. These features have significantly improved the grinding efficiency, making the Ball Mill productive and energy efficient.

The cement Ball Mill consists of feeding sector, discharging sector, rotating sector and driving sector (speed reducer, small transmission gears, motor and electric control system). The mill adopts steel castings for its hollow shaft, and the inner lining could be removed and changed. The big rotating gears are made of casting hobbings, and inside the cylinder there is an endurable liner featuring great wear resistance. The Ball Mill is stable and reliable in operation.

The cement Ball Mill is a horizontal cylindrical rotating device which is driven by the outer gears. Materials, sent by the feeding device, enter the first chamber of the Ball Mill evenly through a feeding hollow shaft. The chamber has ladder liners or corrugated liners inside with different types of steel balls. When the cylinder starts rotating, the centrifugal force it creates will elevate the steel balls to a certain height, which will then fall, hit and grind the materials.

After being coarsely grinded in the first chamber, the materials will be transferred to the second chamber through the single-layer compartment. The second chamber has flat liners and steel balls inside, which will further grind the materials. The powders will be discharged by the discharging grate plate. And the grinding operation is completed.

china mobile crusher: rock cone crusher:

Posted on: 05/09/2012       Posted in: business/accounting/
The Development of Machinery for Vibratory Screening


In mining industry and some industrial projects, various vibrating machinery are used widely. In the process of producing coal, there are about 1 billion tons of different raw materials carried and processed. In the links, many machines such as feeding machine, conveying machine and screening machine are required.

Because vibrating equipment plays an important role in national economy, the research for vibrating equipment is noted at home and abroad. Recent years, with the expansion of productivity in coal, vibrating equipment develops fast with advanced technology.

With the expansion of mines, the producing scales of vibrating equipment for big mines are extending gradually and technical innovations develop continuously. The new machines are pushed one by one. Big vibrating feeder is used widely in China. There are two new types: type 1800t/h and type 2500t/h. In the production system, the quantity of feeding machine is reduced, the production process is simplified, and the productivity is promoted.

For vibrating machinery, there are two main forms of motion: linear movement and circular movement, so there are more common used types of vibrating screen: linear vibrating screen and circular vibrating screen.

1) The trajectory circular vibrating screen’s case (can view from any point of the sieve body) is for round or oval. Generally, vibrator of circular vibrating screen haw only one axis, can called single axis vibrating screen. Circular vibrating screen is mainly used for the classification of each particle materials, general tilt installation or hanging installation, which features reliable work, high screening efficiency.

2) While the trajectory of linear vibrating screen is line vibration or close to line vibrating movement. Linear vibrating screen haw two axis, so can called dual axle vibrating screen. It installed with horizontal or inclined. The linear vibrating screen features compact structure, running stable, which is widely used for the dehydration, off mud, and the wet or dry classification of medium or fine material.

As we all know that it's more and more important to protect the environment, so the requirements for vibrating machinery are tending to environmental protection. For protecting living environment, the machinery is popularized with the features of low noise, low pollution, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low abrasion, and low accident.

ore vibrating feeder: china dryers:

Posted on: 05/09/2012       Posted in: business/accounting/
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