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Solid wood flooring logs varieties and prices

06th January 2013

Solid wood flooring logs varieties and prices of various wood species, so the price difference between large is understandable. Laminate flooring, however, are a fast-growing wood processing its raw material costs should be similar, but we see the price of laminate flooring from 40-140, this gap is Why? Wood plastic composite decking floor

Domestic total of more than 2,000 flooring manufacturer, ubiquitous figure in each of the building materials market and supermarket floor, consumers eyes to look at flowers, see the halo minds, want to choose their own satisfaction the products really is not easy. . Why laminate flooring is a large price difference, here briefly explain the components of the composite floor. Laminate flooring is composed of four parts:

First, the top layer is a wear-resistant paper, which determines the degree of wear-resistant flooring; wear layer is generally strong flooring brands imported wear resistant layer (the United States, Germany, etc.). Abrasion indices of imported wear resistant layer is very uniform, imports 46g wear paper wear revolution in 6000, the domestic wear paper is generally counted in the average, the wear coefficient instability, domestic 46g wear paper about 5000 rpm; imported wear resistant and domestic wear the same grade of paper the price difference is not large, for a total of 2-3 yuan per square; Since the price difference is not, why domestic wear layer. ? There are two reasons: First, the price war sign want to try to reduce costs, the provincial one count one; can not get imported wear resistant.

Domestic wear paper 38g/33g/28g, such as Wuhan processing floor basic with these types, the price can be reduced to 3-6 yuan per square meter, corresponding wear coefficient at 4000 rpm / 2000 rpm and 1000 transfer within, of course, there is a project board, just wear layer. Wood plastic composite panel

Two, then down a layer of color paper, the floor price, which prove that the speed of the replacement of flooring manufacturers suit, new color development and turnover, will give consumers more choices, more and more to bring the sales.

Substrate, which is the main components of the difference in the cost of flooring, laminate flooring determining whether the level of environmental protection and environmental protection degree. A quality substrate and qualified base price difference is around $ 20, the a qualified substrate and the poor quality substrate difference of 10 yuan; everyone can do the math, one the substrates can do 2.67 square meters of floor, that is quality flooring and qualified flooring in the substrate cost per square meter of 7.5 yuan, 12 yuan more than the low-grade floor.

Four, in the bottom-balancing layer can also be referred to as a moisture barrier layer, and it is matching and wear-resistant layer, such as the import of 46g wear paper must be accompanied 120g of balance paper reasonable decomposition internal stress of the floor, if not match will deformation, low wear layer with low balance layer. 2-5 difference in price here.

Another point, with good substrate brands floors will not low wear layer and balance layer, while the poor substrate can not with a good wear layers and balanced layer, so if you want to reduce the price of the floor, change the substrate on the line. Finally words: even if it is the same substrate / equal other configuration, production equipment the pros and cons, the quality of production out of the floor is not the same.

After the cost difference is the brand of the difference. The brand is a quality, as a means to promote services to increase the value of the brand. Proportional to publicize the results and cost. wood plastic composite supplier

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