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Social factors affecting crushers waving prices

05th September 2012


As we all know, many factors impact the price of crusher, such as the price of steel, ore prices, the price of construction materials, and even house prices will affect the crusher industries, thereby affecting the crusher offer. Now, the crusher is mainly affected by steel prices, market dynamics and other effects, according to analysts, steel market stock market today is serious, realistic market-oriented mentality.

This year’s wave of small traders market was mainly due to low market procurement, centralized procurement of energy release, the flow control of steel shipments, resulting in stock market size, and then pulled the entire market benchmark price. As the demand and supply side in the main no major changes, so this wave is mainly expected to rely on market-driven. The mentality of the majority of traders and steel mills tend to reality, the concept gained a reasonable profit, so the market this year, a large number of small traders store goods, and explore the potential market demand, timely service, make a reasonable profit for traders, and a little more than this, reflecting the maturity of the current market sentiment, and thus the market price fluctuations produce dramatic inhibition, resulting in a slight current high market price fluctuations.

Perhaps the trend of the steel industry will change the price of mining equipment, crusher structure: With the various types of steel prices rise, the market volume to shrink, the price trend of the market outlook is extremely uncertain, and constantly run high steel prices and public opinion put the price of iron ore to form a contradiction. Post-steel prices, the short term risk is not great, but if the procurement needs of downstream users, or can not effectively released, the possibility of rising steel prices will not be great.

ore recent full steel export contracts, the major manufacturers put in export production tasks, the resources for the domestic market to take control, making the stock structure is more reasonable. But after May, the recent export contracts since the RMB exchange rate volatility, resulting in the export competitiveness of domestic steel resources weakened, if not unexpected market impact events, the late steel export contract will decrease. Surplus resources to the domestic steel market will absorb the inevitable ability to test some of the big traders have their own volume and long-term contract agreement ahead of the market volume, in fact, this is a signal that the market outlook for steel prices divisive views to see the gradual increase in air power, so the trend for post-market should be careful not to over-optimistic.

Therefore, in the next period of time, due to steel prices, price crusher will have some growth. Of course, factors that impact crusher price changes for the need to purchase equipment, crushers offer more consulting business in terms of pricing information is necessary.

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