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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Buying A House With Cash

According to the National Association of Realtors, the number of homes bought in cash has drastically increased from 26% in 2010 to 32% in 2011. Although this may not be the best option to many

Queensland Floods Causing Plummets In Property Values

It is no understatement to say that properties in the flood-ravaged Queensland region have been hit hard. In fact, current land valuations dropped tremendously, leaving many Australian homeowners w

How to Negotiate Contract Contingencies

What is a contingency first and foremost? A contingency is really a 'condition' so to speak in which is made part of a real estate contract such as the purchase of a home is based solely on

Where to Find Trailers, Mobile Homes, and FEMA Trailers

When you get to a certain age, it is only natural that most people want to stop renting or living under their parent's roof. Just calling yourself a property owner has a great feeling to it-act

Red Flags of the FHA 203k Renovation Loan

Fixer-upper homes, foreclosures, short-sales and REO properties have flooded many housing markets across the country. This can be a great thing for home buyers looking for good deals. Unfortunately

Aero Club Home Estates in Wellington Florida

Set in Wellington Florida is a luxurious air park community where homeowners are able to revel in the comfort of flying literally right to their doorstep. The Wellington Aero Club remains exclu

Real Estate Through the Tides of Time

Real estate or real property had already existed earlier than the renaissance period. This is believed to have fallen under the concept of the feudal system. Tenants would usually pay taxes to the

Connecticut's Best Places To Live: Ridgefield CT

Historic Ridgefield Connecticut is a beautiful New England town that's an ideal location for outdoor recreation and family living. The combination of its open spaces charm so close to major

Housing Tax Subsidies

Definitely, the real estate market is down despite some signs of progress in some areas. The number of foreclosed homes continues to rise and values of homes also continue to fall. The federal

REO Property Management Companies Saving The Day

In recent years, the number of REO (Real Estate Owned) properties has surged, in what some are calling an unprecedented pace. With more REO properties to take care of, owners are scrambling to

How To Find The Perfect Real Estate In Brampton

If you are looking out for investing in a property which will yield good returns over a period of time, taking efforts to find the Perfect Home in Brampton, Ontario, may be a good decision. The

What Will Help The Housing Market Improve?

Even with the efforts of the government, the housing industry has not fully recovered yet. There are areas in the country that show signs of progress, but no one can tell for sure if this will

Is Loft Living for Me?

How would you describe the people who typically live in lofts? If you asked a group of 10 people the same question, one or two might give the same answer and everybody else would give a differe

Tenancy in Common Vs Joint Tenancy

The two most common types of co-ownership is tenancy in common and joint tenancy. Tenancy in common is a form of co-ownership with two or more people having an undivided interest in the entire

Real Estate and Today's Consumers

This particular article is a brief review of the housing business and its ongoing demand for evolving. By way of example, not that long ago, our area listing organization provided all of

Investing in Distressed Metro Phoenix Real Estate - Single Family Homes Is The Way To Go!

There has been a recent shift in my thinking a few months ago on what form of real estate investors should now be purchasing in Phoenix Arizona. Up until Jan/Feb, I was a strong advocate for co

Property in the UAE Article

Property in the UAE has seen something of a rollercoaster over the last decade led by the Dubai property market which literally came from nowhere to hit unbelievable highs, only to crash and bu

The Silver Lining in the Real Estate Thunderclouds

In fact, I'd like to dedicate this to a reader (and new Millionaire's Circle member) by the name of Vincent M. He joined about the same time Japan had its rumbles. In other words, the world

Where to Use the Home Equity Money

Use your Home equity Loan wisely A home equity loan is a paid off capital on your property. There are two ways where you can borrow against your home equity. First is the equity loan whic

Sarasota Golf Homes - University Park

Anyone who hears University Park in Sarasota responds with a resounding 'Wow'. University Park is one of the most desirable communities in the area. Surrounding the prestigious Universi
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