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Veterinary Camps and Zoo Camps: Just What the Doctor Ordered

As a veterinarian dedicated to sharing my profession with children, I have met with hundreds of kids between the ages of 8 and 12 years old who want be veterinarians. I have also talked with the pa

Modern Cat Furniture

Cats have been worshipped since the Ancient Egyptians and indeed most felines think that their role in life is to allow us humans to worship them and fulfil their every waking need; 24/7.  But

Choosing A Dog House

They say dog is “man’s best friend”. Since time immemorial dogs and humans have shared a special bond with each other. Be it in helping a shepherd control his herd, accompanying h

Buying Pet Furniture

To most pet owners their pets are like family members. They love and take good care of their pets and want to make sure that they get the best of everything. They can go to great lengths for this a

Buy A Home For Your Pet

Almost all of us love pets. There are pet lovers who love their pets even as their own children. Pet owners today want the best for their pets, whether it is pet food, clothes or a pet house. Speci

Modern Cat Beds

We have all seen modern cat beds and some of us may have bought modern cat beds, only to take them home and the cat looks at it, sniffs at it, then tosses you a disdainful glance and shuffles off t

Pet Egg Pod

Pet egg pods are great because they appeal to all sorts of different pets.  Historically cats and dogs had all the nice things when it came to treats or stylish places to sleep. But now the pe

Stylish Cool Cat Furniture

Cats are naturally cool. They swagger as they walk. They leap gracefully onto your lap and curl like a sleek ball of fluff. They are independent creatures, who like to be alone and go on adventures

Fashion Beds Cat / Dog Furniture Cool

Pets and homes have always been in juxtaposition. You have paid a lot of money for your lovely home. You lay thick carpet, or expensive wooden floors. You fill it with beautiful furniture for yours

Modern Dog Beds / Dog House Modern

The dog is supposed to mans best friend. Since the time of taming the wild wolves, dogs have been looking out for us and protecting us. They are tremendously loyal creatures and very intelligent. T

Modern Dog House

Dogs are great aren’t they?  Dogs are simply Man’s best friend and they have managed to gain a reputation for being easily pleased and really accommodating of humans.  Well wo

4 Bed Modern Pet

The pEiPod has many fabulous features; it is warm, stylish, gives comfort and protection to your pet, but the great thing about it is that the pEiPod is also interchangeable.  Yes you can get

Things You Should Know Cat House

Pets not only serve as excellent as companions; but it has also been proven over the times that people with pets lead a healthier life. Extensive research has shown that having a pet serves as a go

Cat Furniture: Know Your Options

The furry little creature that you call your pet cat is a tremendously independent being that tends to mark its territory and guard it. It can be a source of anxiety as well because cats love to hi

Modern Furniture For Pets, Pet Beds

For too long, our pets have not been given pride of place in the home. They have been relegated to worn, smelly baskets and perhaps the odd beanbag, which is splitting apart at the seams and is a l

Become a Veterinarian: A Guide for Children

Are you between the ages of 8 and 12 years old and you want to become a veterinarian? I know exactly what you are going th

Pet Identification Tag: A necessity when you really care about your pet!

Nowadays there is no dearth of choosing a pet identification tag; and using one has become more of a necessity than a fashion or luxury. Engraved dog tags are available in innumerable styles and desig
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