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Trademarks give a unique identity to each Organization

A Global jurix is specialist patent registration law firm which provides tr

Why Patent and TM Application Registration is important for Securing from Unauthorized Use

Patent Registration Application Patents are a form of intellectual property. When an individual or a company, designs or innovates a unique and novel invention, they can seek exclusive rights o

Corporate and Commercial Law Services by Top Law Firms in India

Law firms are doing great business than ever before. With growing financial independence, globalization and urbanization, crime has grown too. There are innumerable chases of cheating, theft, etc.

IPR Law Firm providing Legal Services at Affordable Price in India

The Intellectual Property Rights is one of the greatest mounting legal fields, particularly since the arrival of e-commerce which has considerably expanded the domain of Intellectual Property Right

Arbitration Dispute Resolution and IPR Services under One Roof Global Jurix Law Firm

As with the changing economies of the world, business houses have to face many challenging jobs especially those who are dealing in international business. Those business houses usually need law fi

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer for Getting Sufficient Compensation

After you have met with an accident and suffered heavy losses, you will need the services of a Hawaii personal injury  

Get Legal Services from a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney

Anyone can suffer a personal injury. Personal injuries are termed as injuries or death done to an individual as a consequence of an accident. Personal injury can result from a dog bite, a car accid

Hub of all Business Law Services, Global Jurix Law Firm India

Today, all types of legal issues of customers can be solved easily and completely through best and top law firm of India. Best law firm in India can provide you assistance and guidance to solve any

The Role of the Family Law Mediato

By choosing to behave in any of the above ways is to consciously allow a divorce to take on a life of its own, taking the focus away from those issues that are in dire need of attention: the needs of

Resolution vs Protracted Litigation

Mediation offers a process in which the parties meet in a private place to discuss personal and financial problems for the purpose of resolution. When in court, it is not uncommon to wait several hour


The goal of a civil divorce whether through mediation or collaborative law is to employ an acceptable process for the purpose of ending an unacceptable relationship. Where there are children, a divorc

Civility vs Rancor

The lack of civility that caused a marriage to break down in the first place often increases exponentially during the course of a litigated divorce, frequently resulting in emotional and financial


Frequently, once a decision has been made to divorce, the common and unfortunate progression is for the communication between the parties to quickly become contentious and acrimonious. While no two di

A Good Start to a Marriage

While most people do not make an investment in pre-marital counseling other than what may be required by way of a religious ceremony, such as the mandated Pre Cana counseling offered by the Catholic C


Divorce mediation in MA ideally includes a divorce mediator who is an attorney, and for each party to retain their own attorney whose roles are

The Option of a Court Room

Divorce Mediation service offers parties seeking a divorce the option to settle their divorce themselves, retaining control over their own desti

The Legal Process for a Divorce that is not mediated in Massachusetts

Family Law Mediation offers an abbreviated process to settle a divorce. Typically, the documents needed are exchanged quickly. In a litigated d

Civility Better for you

Massachusetts Divorce Mediation is a process that requires civility. Civility, while a simple concept, can also become a state of mind if so cho

How to find a family law mediator in Massachusetts

The name of a provider of Divorce Mediation Services is often readily available through your attorney. In order to become an attorney, an individu

Benefits of Mediation after the Divorce

<a href=""><b>Family Law Mediation</b></a> provides a safety net for children of separation or divorce. If children are invo
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