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What Is The Key To Obtaining Lawsuit Loans And Settlement Loans In Breach Of Contract Cases?

  Many individuals feel as though they've entered into contracts in which a breach has occurred. However, for those individuals who desire to obtain either lawsuit loans or settlement

Injury Recovery Under the Jones Act

  Sailing high waters may be quite an adventure but it also involves high risks. Until the enactment of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, commonly known as the Jones Act, there was no legal

Chiropractic Litigation - "The Expert Witness"

  In medical litigation (negligence), six elements must be proven, which include: (1) an act or actionable omission by the defendant  (2) Duty of due care  (3) Breach of

For Doctors Offered An Opportunity to Buy Into a Practice

  Here is what is happening with medical practices, value-wise. The values are the lowest in 25 years. A buy-in, for instance, typically consists of only the following: the fixed assets (u

Simple Step To Write A Will

  A Will is an important legal document. It contains instructions not only for the transfer of assets but also deals with debts, guardianship of minor children and also last wishes. If you

Personal Injury Compensation 101

  Getting personal injury compensation can be difficult and there are some simple things you should know. Some of these include how to determine what type the case to file, compensation am

How to Become One of the Most Successful Solicitors in the World

  To develop both the reputation and status of your legal office various procedures must take place. All your professional staff must think and work in a similar fashion and agree with the

How About a Joint Venture? A Twist on Referrals for Small and Solo Law Firms

  A very old and common technique for building business is to ask for and give referrals. Every year I get at least a handful of letters and brochures from law firms seeking referrals on t

Why Legal Networks Make More Sense Than Collection Agencies in This Economic Period

  Collecting debt can be a nightmare for many companies, especially when dealing with debt collection agencies that just don't really care whether or not you ever see results and just

Durable Power Of Attorney By State - Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas

  Alabama   Falls under Code 26-1-2 Life Prolonging Acts and Specific Powers allow an agent to authorize withholding or even withdrawing life sustaining treatment. T

The Meaning of Being an International Lawyer

  What is the actual meaning of being an international lawyer nowadays? Clients do not only need an expert in law, but an interpreter for the international context.   Most of

What Is a Background Check? Read More About It

  A background check is a process of researching and collating records, such as criminal records, commercial documents and financial reports of an individual usually for the purpose of emp

The Positives and Negatives Of A Power Of Attorney

  Having a power of attorney in place can make life easier in many circumstances. Of course there are the positives and negatives to having an attorney in fact. Considering both the positi

Public Records For The Public's Use

  Public records are files or information available for everybody. Although in principle the public can access such records, the government agency where the information can be procured may

What Constitutes A Background Check?

  An employment background check is now usually done not only to potential employees but to current employees for promotion as well. It is usually done to validate information found on an

The Importance of Birth Records

  Birth records or certificates are documents pertaining to an individual's birth. They are originally used for taxation purposes and as proof of one's eligibility to join the mili

Law Practice Optimization and Its Place in Today's Law Firm

  Law practice optimization (LPO) is the process of improving the services provided by the Legal Industry to their clients. In today's modern world, always being connected to your offi

How to Know If You Have a Good Attorney

  There are several questions you need to ask yourself when deciding on an attorney to handle your case. One of the most important thing is to do your research. This is a decision you won&

Five Tips for Hiring a Corporate Lawyer

  It is important when hiring a corporate lawyer that you receive the right advice. You also need to make sure that you choose the right lawyer to represent your business. You need someone

Court Records: Use and Access

  Conflicts that must be settled by the court or through legal proceedings are known as legal cases. Legal or court cases can either be civil or criminal. In every court case, there is a d
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