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Zealous Call Center Services streamlines their business process with AMEYO

AMEYO enhances and effectively manages calls for Zealous Call Center Services Pvt. Ltd.

Four Privileges on Mother's Day At

1888 PressRelease - has provided customers with four privileges, including coupon giveaway, free gifts on orders of $68 or more, favorable point redemption, and big surprises for orders o

Twitter Launches #Music App, Facebook Counterattacks

Twitter’s growth seems committed. After the launch of Vine, the new star of video-sharing, it is via a new app th

Houston, We Have a Smartphone

Where, you ask, is taxpayer money going these days? Launching cell phones into space, obviously.

Don't Let Contracts Hold You Down: What Prepaid Mobile Can Do For You

Many mobile phone users, even those who are completely satisfied with their networks, have qualms about signing mobile phone contracts. If they come across better mobile phone deals before the expi

Fast, Cheap and Oh-So-Reliable: Prepaid Internet and Broadband

Prepaid mobile Internet offers exciting benefits to Internet users who have grown tired of contracts. The prepaid phenomenon began with mobile phones, but it's just as con

Smile While You Dial How To Reduce That International Phone Bill

International dialing need not take a heavy toll on your savings. If you're spending a semester abroad, or embarking on a long vacation overseas, or if you travel for business frequently, you c

Sifting through the ‘Madness’ of Bracket Apps

There are quite a lot of factors that contribute to the madness of March. First off, as my first grade teacher once told me, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. She knew March is t

Expand Your Horizons, Not Your Mobile Charges: SIM Cards For International Travel

If you plan to travel abroad for business, you should decide in advance of your trip how you can make cheap calls. International roaming rates can be overwhelming. One of the simplest options is to

How Smartphones Are Changing Medicine?

Imagine a world where you can do your own physical checkup or monitor your heart, take your blood pressure and check for signs of disease, then remotely deliver the information to your ge

MTA prepares to install interactive kiosks throughout NY

New York City is interested in “bringing the innovations of the web and mobile” to a “100-year-old infrastructure,” according to a spokesman from Control Group, which is the

Plan to Drink and drive? Not if Your iPhone can help it

Drinking and driving has been an ongoing issue, but, thanks to new advancements in technology, there will hopefully be a solution. A California startup, 

The Chinese Government’s Not So Secret War on Apple

It began with a music video. Singing something that sounded like a Chinese version of “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen and dashing through the streets of Bejing, a group of men an


There are only three days left in March, and Apple 

Buy Used Mobile Phones Online in India

Cell phones are these days something without which surviving has become difficult. A cell phone user indeed feels handicapped if he is without his cell phone for a single day or rather minute. &nbs

Selling Mobile Phones is the Hottest Business

The sales of mobile phones have been in top gear in the last ten years. The introduction of novel designs and exciting applications have made the mobile phone industry one of the ever flourishing b

-Direct Response Marketing Professionals Insist Cable is NOT Dead-

  If direct response marketersattending the Response Expo 2013 are worried about their future, they’re not showing it.   More than 3,000 direct response decision makers att

Motivational Conference Speaker for a specialized event

For lots of events, a Motivational Conference Speaker can be the high-point in the occasion for the guests. While at other instances, t

The Latest And Greatest In Internet Prepaying

Some people, and you may be one of them, start to feel antsy if they must go even a few minutes without checking their email or surfing the web. For such consumers, prepaid mobile broadband makes l

Sell Mobile Phone in India " A Promising Business

In this world of technology, the mobile phone holds its special place. You can never think of a life without a mobile phone. Mobile phone has become the most important need of everyone and its uses
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