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Saddlery and Harness manufacture products Industry


Since the Britishers founded the Ordinance Equipment factory (that later came to be known as the Harness factory ) at Kanpur then known as Cawnpore, in the state of Uttar pradesh in the early 1900 that city has become synonomous with and a major hub for manufacture of all Saddlery and Harness products. The driving force behind the industry have always been the close promixity of the city to some 100 odd Tanneries that have specialized in the manufacture of Harness or Buff leather which is typically used for manufacture of Saddlery and all kinds of Horse Riding equipment because it is made from the hide of water buffalo and provides the maximum thickness gauge of leather needed by the makers of Saddlery and Harness and Horse Riding Accessories in India.
In the early 70’s there was an initial awakening from buyers abroad that Horse Riding products and Horse riding equipment sourced from India were almost less than half the cost than those being purchased from Europe and USA. However the challenge that the domestic industry faced was there was no established platform to exhibit the product line as travel abroad to trade shows was expensive and the government policy for exchange of currency was strict. Furthur in a direct quality comparision between products made abroad against those made domestically there was a huge difference in the leather used in the manufacture of Horse Riding Equipment , Finished hardware and overall workmanship and finish . In most cases buyers complained ofpoor workmanship and bad leather quality from most Horse Riding Accessories ,the leather was hard with cracks andhas an oily smell. Furthurmore because of restriction on imports the hardware sourced locally was not of good finish. All Horse riding products such as English Saddles, English Bridles, English Girths, English Stirrup leathers and English Halters had similar problems. During the early 80’s gradually the tanneries started to invest and import higher priced tanning machines and chemicals and dyes that in turn started to provide the Saddlery & Harness manufacturers a much better quality of leather to use to manufacture their products. Regular attendance by exhibitors from Indians at the Spoga international fair held in Germany and other shows in England gave a platform for manufacturers of Horse Riding accessories and Saddlery and Harness products a platform to showcase improvement in the quality which started to spread the knowledge amongst buyers worldwide that Indian products were now being made from a better quality leather and the workmanship had improved tremendously. Gradually importers found that the products made in India s could be offered to end consumers abroad as a choice with a lower price point yet decent qualityin comparision to the European products which still cost a lot more.
In 1994 as the government introduced economic reforms and liberalization of the economy began the tannerries began to import better machines to finish their leather and manufacturers of the saddlery & harness products were allowed to import finished leather from England and Brazil thus providing an equal platform to compete with the products made abroad with the same leather. This import of leather saw the introduction for the first time of the manufacture of Western Halters, western Bridles,Western saddles and other riding products for the American market with introduction of rawhide backed Bridles, Bosals etc. Import of new machinery to manufacture Nylon thread based products saw the introduction Nylon Lead Ropes and PP Lead Ropes, Nylon Halters Nylon Rope Halters and other accessories made from Nylon tape being made.
At the same time that weaving industry from Kanpur and Panipat that was till then manufacturing domestic rugs and tablemats etc for household consumption began manufacturing Western Saddle Blankets.Saddle Pads and Navajo Saddle Blankets which were till then mainly being imported from Mexico and other latin America countries.
As interaction grew between sellers and buyers because of cheaper labour costs and availability of modern stitching machines the industry also began producing Horse Sheets such as Summer Sheets, Coolers, Canvas Sheets ,Canvas Sheets with wool lining,turn out Rugs made from 600 Denier and 1200 Denier fabric that began being imported from Taiwan and China and we saw these items being introduced in the supply lines. Cotton thread manufacturers began making Cotton Lead Ropes and Fly Veils .
In recent times with good quality Cow Napa and Sheep Napa being made available by the tannerries and import of good quality Harware and metal componenets there has been an exponential rise in the manufacture of Dog Collars, Dog leads and Dog Leashes, Dog Coats and Rawhide based Dog Chews and Dog treats. Recently oil skin, Canvas Slickers and PVC cloth Cowboy Rain Coats have been introduced also.
Today the Saddlery and Harness , <b><a href="">Horse Riding Equipment</a></b> and Horse Riding Accessory export market from India has grown immensely with Leather English Saddles, Western Saddles, Girths, Halters, Stirrup leathers, Horse Rugs and Horse Sheets,Nylon Halters,Nylon Rope Halters ,Cotton and poly Cotton lead Ropes, Fly Veils , Saddle Blankets, Saddle Pads, Dog Collars,Dog leads,Dog Coats being exported to every corner of the world.

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