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Social Media and its Role in Internet Marketing Strategies in the Future


Social Media marketing is the latest and the most innovative internet marketing tool available for online businesses. The term reflects sharing of relevant information and opinions through social networking portals. The objective of this form of passive online marketing is to build communities and groups, keen on interacting and sharing information that is of common interest.

Currently, the most popular social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Google+ is fast making major inroads into the Social Media arena with its innovative marketing strategies and creative tools. It is generally perceived as the space of the younger generation, but online businesses have smelt the opportunity to use the extreme popularity of these portals to their own advantage in what is seen as the most complex and creative form of internet marketing.

The platform is no longer the domain for friends to stay connected and share views in real time. It has a critical role to play in the marketing plans of major organizations. Social Media marketing is used to engage with other media tools to generate greater exposure for the company and create better opportunity for sales. Professionals specializing in this sector of internet marketing jobs are in great demand as more and more companies look to join the bandwagon of this newest and most exciting marketing media.

Job Opportunities and Salary Ranges in the Sector

A quick look at the Social Media job opportunities in the top 20 US markets reveal some interesting statistics. Thirty percent of all Internet marketing jobs in this sector are held by content writers or bloggers with the marketing manager coming a close second at 27 percent. SM strategists and specialists make up 16 and 14 percent of all the jobs in this media. At the bottom of the list are the brand manager, PR manager, and online community manager.

The SMM manager gets the best package with a salary that ranges from 73K to 116K in the NY. Comparative figures for Phoenix, AZ, are from 48K to 77K. The strategist is the next highest paid job in the social media, drawing the highest pay at 103K in NY and 68K in Arizona which is the lowest in the 20 markets.

The salary ranges from 22K to 60K for the copywriter or blogger in the NY, whereas in Phoenix, AZ, it the lowest at 14K to 39K. The PR manager can command anything from 49K to 90K in the NY. The online community manager gets slightly less, from 54K to 79K in the same state. Social Media specialists can earn as much as 46K to 71K in the NY and much less at 30K to 47K in Phoenix, Arizona.

The rampaging growth of the sector and its growing popularity shows that this media is going to be the prime focus area of online businesses for many years to come. Professionals specializing in online marketing, especially on social networking sites, can look forward to a deluge of exciting job opportunities.

The bottom line is that people with high creative talent in Social Media marketing with ability to demonstrate success and deliver good results on a company’s investment are in high demand. It can be safely concluded that internet marketing jobs in this segment will see a quantum growth over the next few years. Want to know more about Social Media job opportunities?, please visit the link.

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