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Discover the History of Roulette


Roulette is one of the most instantly recognisable games on the planet and is a fixture of casinos worldwide, in brick and mortar as well as in online casinos. The game has found its place in both the gaming fraternities hearts and in popular culture, while it is also the classic game of chance.

TV shows, movies and various other forms of entertainment have featured Roulette as a dramatic pivot in their productions, and as such Roulette enjoys a popularity that few other games can live up to.

Roulette originated in France during the 18th century and is thought to be a mix of several games played at the time. The man who devised the first primitive example of Roulette was Blaise Pascal who was actually in search of a perpetual motion machine.

By 1796 the game had found its way to Paris and was being played regularly in its current form that is still used today. It quickly became a popular choice for the aristocracy of the French capital as they warmed to its exciting nature and elements of chance.

The game had found widespread popularity by the 19th century when it became the most popular casino game available. Roulette spread throughout Europe and the U.S.A but suffered a set back in Europe where it struggled to reach the masses when gambling was abolished throughout much of the continent.

It was at this time that Monte Carlo became the last haven for the gambler and ultimately a Mecca for the super rich who sought out the right to gamble within the law. It is here that double zero Roulette gained a reputation as a game for the rich and it is widely thought that the games moniker as the “king of games” is derived from this period.

In the U.S the game found its way to New Orleans and the casinos of the Wild West where it quickly became a staple of the gambling environment in its single zero form.

As the modern era continued in the 20th century Roulette and gambling was banned in all American states, with only Nevada left as a place where gambling was legal, and in Las Vegas casinos flourished thanks to the gambling fraternity and vast amounts of tourism. Roulette featured heavily in the growth of the casinos in Vegas as it is a perfect game for casual gamblers.

Now Roulette has found its integration with modern technology and can now be played in online casinos as well as on countless machines in land based betting shops. It is also played in thousands of casinos worldwide and still enjoys its reputation as the most popular casino table game.

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