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Engineering Shows Downturn by Mine Machines



Steel slag mainly comes from the oxidation of elements contained in the molten iron and scrap; metal impurities; the slag agent such as limestone, fluorite, silica, as well as oxidants, desulfurization products and the erosion of lining materials.

The main components of steel slag are calcium, iron, silicon, magnesium, aluminum, manganese and phosphorus oxides. The main use of the slag are as follow. First, it can be instead of lime as a solvent to return the blast furnace or sintering furnace within the company itself. It can also be used for roadbed, railway embankment, and as cement raw material, soil, etc.

The processing technology of steel slag are cold abandoned law, hot pour method, splashing cold plate method and slag water quenching method. Generally a closed loop production process will be used. And we can receive about four high-quality and high value-added products by the process of crushing and screening, vacuum ball milling, dry magnetic separation and classification processes of wind. The four products are respectively high-quality steel scrap, high-grade iron powder, steel slag powder used as cement, the steel slag aggregate used as asphalt cement surface layer in the road. After completion of the entire production process, slag can be achieved zero emissions, and the environment pollution of the slag is completely solved.

'Like free fall fall like'Single toggle jaw crusher, a personage inside course of study to describe China construction machinery industry market performance this year. Due to the high iron slow down, real estate investment regulation and monetary tightening and other reasons, China construction machinery industry after the second quarter of a sharp slowdown in sales, a few enterprises have taken measures to cut.

Recently, the 11 th China (Beijing) international engineering machinery building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and technology exchange meeting is held in Beijing. The experts and scholars think, engineering machinery industry overall growth slows down already is the fact that does not dispute. Is expected in the second half, engineering machinery sales decline will not reverse. To a service-oriented brand integrity,As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery ,like impact crusher, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

Inflection point here

Fall, from April

Experienced in the quarter after BaoFaShi growth, 4 months of sales industry began to appear greatly annulus comparing drop, then may-August continue to decline situation. Construction machinery industry 2010 years of growth situation in April 2011 appeared to turn back.

Statistics show that, April, excavator sales in March from a monthly fall makes, month-on-month drop of 38.79%; Loader 2.86% year-on-year drop, dropped by 28.27% month-on-month; Bulldozers 1.2% year-on-year drop, annulus comparing fell 32China cone crusher.81%. From April to August, the industry overall sales decline of situation continues.

September is always machinery sales busy season, this year also appear 'season low'Rock crushers; phenomenon. Excluding railway construction don't talk about, infrastructure construction and security room around in water conservancy construction of construction machinery industry sales growth effect did not bring reflected.

Based on engineering machinery industry growth is slowing, especially leading products of sharp drop in sales, 'inflection point theory' there at that time. Part of the people in the industry say, engineering machinery development new inflection point appeared, it is difficult to recreate the industry ever growth, or low growth in the future will present situation, even in more than one month declined.


the last.creat a chinese we know.the best way to learn chinese is to creat a chinese environment.because it has more pritise chance,less dull,and you can remember what you study for long times,may be all your many foreigners come to china for studying.but if you can not come to china ,you can use the internet ,or some other ways.

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