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Choosing the best make up brushes is all about knowing the best options.


If you are considering taking your makeup use to a whole different level, then it is time to leave those sponge tip applicators behind and start embracing the beauty of makeup brushes. With the surge of cosmetic fanatics online, we have seen an incredible interest for makeup brushes for personal use. Normally, we associate brushes with professionals but now, everybody feels like having a train case filled with brushes is necessary to apply daily work make up. If you want to buy make up brushes, you need to know the quintessential brushes to have.

For the Face
The face is an uneven landscape, and your goal is to create an illusion of evenness, light, shadow and color. The makeup brushes that you will use for your face for a complete makeup experience would normally consist of items such as the blush brush for the apples of the cheeks. The contour brush is ideal for the hollows of the cheeks to create a natural, lineless shadow along those areas. The highlighter brush is ideal for the top of your cheeks, creating more height and depth. Of course, one of the most important make up brushes to have would be the foundation brush. Depending on what foundation you use, you might need a flat brush or a stippling brush.

For the eyes
The makeup brushes for the eyes are also diverse. First, there is the standard brush that is quite packed, allowing you to apply color with more intensity. The other brush is the blending brush, ideal to soften the harsh lines along the edge, creating professional quality make up application. You can also use the blending make up brushes to mix two different colors or shades together so that you can create smoother transitions. For daily use, these two brushes are must haves so that your eyes will not look like they were drawn on by a child.

For the lips
Though it is not commonly suggested for daily use, you can still benefit from the lip make up brushes. They are very small, and are designed to create precision shapes on the lips. This is ideal if you do not want to put your lips onto the lipstick itself. This is also ideal if you want to create overdrawn lips to add more volume to the fine upper lips. Not everybody will need this especially for personal, daily lip make up application, but could still be great if people borrow your lipstick and you want to make sure that your lipstick will not get damaged.

Eyebrows and lashes
The idea of the grooming make up brushes is to make the finer hairs on the face look very nice and perfect. Mascaras often come with combs but since they have product on them, instead of grooming, you slather on more mascara. An eyebrow brush can help make the eyebrows looking less fake and more realistic. Thus, choosing the best make up brushes is not a matter of what looks nice, but on what works best on your skin.

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