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Chiropractor wellness - A Non-Medical Approach against Various Neurological Problems


Chiropractor wellness centre comprises of a group of professionals called chiropractors, who work according to the theory and belief that that any sort of misalignment or disorientation in the spinal cord arrangement is the primary cause of almost all the diseases that occur. It is an entirely manual treatment, without the use of medicine. Chiropractic health professionals work by simply manipulating the spinal cord of a diseased person manually. Spinal cord and brain forms the Central Nervous System (CNS), most integral part of a human system. Spinal cord is a hollow tube containing bundles of nervous tissues and support cells from brain.

It is the main pathway that connects the brain with the peripheral nervous system. Therefore any disturbance in this would definitely cause discomfort in an individual. Hence it wouldn’t be futile to say that chiropractics are indeed one of the most viable medical treatment options that are based upon the true biological concept of a human system. It is the manipulation of the disoriented spinal cord, unlike other treatment procedures that involve chemicals and other harmful radiations for combating the pain of an illness.

The treatment procedure involves giving an optimum pressure to the affected area of the spine in order to reduce the pain and mobilize the functioning of the joints. In simple words, this mode of treatment can be said as the adjustment of the joints of a spinal cord manually. It usually involves aligning the joints of upper neck and the vertebral column. It doesn’t use any sort of chemicals or medicines, and it has also been reported that there are no side effects in this treatment methodology.

Apart from Chiropractor wellness, there is another form of treatment for neurological related ailments which is known as Trigenics treatment. This works by manipulating the nerve muscle and controlling the activity of certain specific neurological reflexes. Since the treatment procedures penetrate deep into the neurological system, trigenics treatment is often considered as one of the ultimate choice for type of ailment. It is more effective than other manual treatments like chiropractics, massaging and physiotherapy. In this case, unlike the other manual forms, the patient is not considered as a passive recipient of the treatment rather this uses the patient as an interactive and active participant in the pain relieving procedure.

Conventional treatment strategy, routine and customized exercise techniques are formulated and prescribed by the doctor. These health care professionals make an assessment model for giving an effective and satisfactory treatment result to the patient. This involves understanding and analysing the problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Both of these methods are very safe and convenient for almost all age groups including infants. And these also have a common ideology of reducing the pain to any disease by activating neurologically inhibited muscles, reducing tissue dysfunction and restoring the length of the muscle cell. Finally in a nutshell, while chiropractics wellness is the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal system, trigenics is the functional rehabilitation of the same.

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