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Five important stages of Partnerschaft



   All types of Partnerschaft go through crucial five stages. Understanding these stages will assist know where yours is and it helps you predict where you are heading to.Before you even say “ich suche einen freund” your relationship must go through predictable stages. This information will assist partners deal with difficulties arising in particular stages. For instance, issues such as the disagreements, upsets, miscommunications and other life issues.Failure to know these stages, partners can easily misunderstands each other thinking that something wrong is going on. Again, you need knowledge on how to deal with obstacles on your partnership highway.Whether you are a husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, this article is very crucial.


   In the first stage, relationships are characterized by attraction, desire and organization.Partners try to learn each other. The Partnerschaft appear fun and joyous.  This is the right time for partners to expect positive things in future. The graph is rising gradually as partners learn more their new relationship.It actually gives an answer to the question “ich suche einen freund”. Important skills to be used in this stage include focus for the best in future, acknowledge and ensure that other people are comfortable with your relationship. Partners make ideal and unrealistic promises. Everything appears smooth.


   Second stage, partners struggle for power. It is one of the critical stages where partners test each other. Who is going to rule, make judgment or do this and this? Here, the Partnerschaft is building the trust. You should observe your emotions, identify your feelings, and accept the mistakes, speak words that will build trust, let your partner help you, don’t make too many decisions that will sound like dictating the other person, and above controlling your temper is necessary. In this stage, it answers why ich suche einen freund.


   Another stage deals with cooperation. In this stage, partners try to mutually benefit from one another and they work towards to satisfying each other.  Here, they understand the importance of sharing power and they appreciate their diverse gifts and abilities. This Partnerschaft recognizes the need to identify the fruits of the relationship.The partner evaluates whether he or she has the answer to the question “why ich suche einen freund”.  Skills applied here include expand compassion capacity, inspire one another; feel the partnership connection, competency comes in, making choices and many more. Partners are advised to avoid making simple assumptions, sacrifice or withhold crucial communications.


   The last stage deals with completion. Many partners fear this stage and avoid handling the deal together.  There are major four categories of completing your relationships.  The ways include death, expulsion, drifting apart and conscious completion. Individuals here meet the actual answer of “why ich suche einen freund”.Skills to be used in this stage include making apologies, understand you should feel complete, redefining the common path and spiritual thought is seen in this stage. Avoid victimization, taking many things personally, thinking that other people are the source of happiness or sorrow and finally, don’t resist any change.

Learning more about Partnerschaft    will enable endure relationships. The knowledge about  ich suche einen  freund    is crucial for partners.

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