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Surefire Strategies to Make Your Web Designs Commercially Productive


While designing a website for Internet marketing purposes, you must keep in mind the functional aspects of the portal without compromising the aesthetics of the site. We are not asking you to stick to the clichéd Internet marketing Auckland company approach, but your Website Company Auckland ought to keep the following tips in mind during the construction and maintenance of your ecommerce site.

Design your website for a wide range of devices.

Statistics report around 20% online businesses coming from smart phones. In fact, Google recently recommended a cell phone app for medical, educational, and commercial services online where customers can get updates on the go. Thus, when you build your site, ask your web design Auckland firm to consider a mobile-friendly tablet-friendly version too, with apps thrown in for good measure.

Search boxes are vital.

In the beginning, your Internet marketing Auckland Company might ask you to re-think about inserting a search box onto your page when there is little content. However, in the future when your blog or portal would be jammed with content, videos, podcasts, apps, sales pages, and plug-ins, customers could easily be overwhelmed when they search for a product or a tutorial on your website. Having a search box is thus, imperative when you design website with emphasis on Internet marketing Auckland strategies.

Guard against shoddy navigation.

Make sure your site is organized with a clear sense of direction. Most rookie and veteran designers overlook the fact that ‘less is more’ and in their quest to introducing myriad features and benefits forget about maintaining easy navigation. In short, make sure your site is ‘clean’ and ‘clear’ and you’d earn more from it.

Pagination – to do or not to do?

Pagination is a technique where you split content into various pages instead of all of them lying on the same page. This technique is mostly used by web design Auckland firms to increase page views, feature in more ad-space, and lure people into clicking more links on the site. When used in moderation, pagination could be a great source of additional revenue to your site. However, excessive pagination could be annoying and put potential clients off. Consult a proper Internet marketing Auckland professional before you use pagination in your website.

Guard against too many registration requirements.

Most high end sites require visitors to register before they view products, comment on blogs, and use the website. This is a good technique to avoid spam bots and automation visits. However, excessive registration details could drive traffic away from your web pages too. Ask your web design Auckland Company to use registration boxes in moderation.

We are sure these tips would make Internet marketing Auckland services much more profitable for your online portal.

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