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Prepaid Mobile: A Cure for Enormous-Phone-Bill Syndrome


Obtaining a Prepaid Mobile phone is an effective way to keep that phone bill under control. When you pay for data/minutes ahead of time, you not only pay a lower rate for that data, you also manage your costs more efficiently in that you’ll probably use your phone less. That is, just knowing that you have a limited amount of data/minutes may stop you from reaching for your phone whenever you’re bored, and playing around with it, ultimately racking up extra fees. But what should you know about prepaid phones before you sign on any dotted lines?

First, be aware that a slight drawback to the prepaying solution is that you probably won’t receive a free mobile phone when you sign up, whereas phone contracts often include those coveted free phones. However, despite this upfront cost, you’re still liable to save significantly by going the prepaid route. Another advantage to prepaying is that you can choose whichever mobile phone most appeals to you, along with whichever carrier most appeals to you. By contrast, were you to go with a postpaid plan, chances are your carrier of choice would decide which mobile phone you’d get. Another benefit to prepaying is that you’re not obligated to stick with a carrier for a year or two. Therefore, should you be unhappy with your carrier for any reason, you can just switch to another as soon as your prepaid minutes are up; you won’t face a hefty fee for doing so.

With mobile phones, connections are, of course, crucial. So before deciding on a prepaid plan, do some investigating. Go on consumer websites which compare phones and service, and read carefully to discover where connections are strongest and weakest for each of the carriers you’re considering. Peruse customers’ testimonials, too. A high-quality carrier will offer reliable service just about anywhere you are planning to go.

Before signing up, world travelers and those with international networks of loved ones should inquire as to what kinds of global roaming charges they’ll have to pay. You might also ask your carrier if they offer Global Roaming packs. These packs provide a certain amount of data – perhaps 15 or 20 MB – which is specifically designated for use in foreign lands. Such a pack can be somewhat pricey, and probably still won’t offer you all the data you’d like to use. Nevertheless, it’s a good bet that an international pack will still save you money in the final analysis.

Finally, if your bill comes and your charges are a lot higher than you were expecting, call your carrier and inquire as to why you were charged so much. You don’t want to pay if a mistake was made and for some reason you were overcharged.

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