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International Calls: Minimum Fees, Maximum Chatting


If you’re planning to travel or live overseas, or for some reason you need to start making a lot of international calls, then you might already be suffering from anxiety. After all, International Calls can be staggeringly expensive. But fear not, there are plenty of practical, sensible ways to keep that overseas phone bill low.

If you’ll be abroad for weeks or months at a time, an affordable international calling plan may represent your best bet. Compare prices carefully before making your selection, and also seek advice from reputable consumer websites or from friends and relatives who are phone experts, because you want a company with dependable service. Also, you should realize that some international plans are intended for specific countries. For example, if you plan on calling China the most often, locate a plan specifically offering price breaks for phone calls to China. In addition, calculate carefully how much data you’ll need. It’s wise to pay for a little more data than you think you’ll use. After all, it’s easy to exceed a tight data limit, and doing so will cost you much more than paying a little more upfront will.

Ask your carrier if you’ll get a discount on your International Calling if you call friends and family on their landline phones instead of their mobile phones. If your carrier does offer such a price break, by all means take advantage of it. (Of course, landline calls require extra work as you have to figure out when the people you’re calling will be home.) Also remember that you may be able to save money on your calls when you phone people at less popular or off-peak hours, such as the wee hours of the morning.

How about purchasing a calling card ahead of time? With a calling card, you pay for all your phone minutes ahead of time, and such an arrangement will almost certainly be significantly cheaper than any international mobile phone plan you’ll be able to find. Just watch out for surprise fees, though – unfortunately, they sometimes come with calling cards. And be sure to hold onto your card tightly. You don’t want to lose it and end up paying for the calls of the person who finds it!

You could also try to make some of your calls, through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), or through Skype, a free-texting app, or a personal hotspot which you rent. (You’ll only save money on this latter option.)

Finally, this might sound like an odd suggestion, but dial carefully! Different countries have different phone number patterns, and it’s easy to make a mistake when you’re dialing fast. Why pay for wrong-number calls when you don’t have to?

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