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Microbes for optimal weight gain or lose


World Health Organization defines probiotics as living organisms that confer health benefits to the human beings when consumed appropriately and adequately. Number of health benefits have been highlighted and came into limelight concerned with human health due to probiotics. The evidences in terms of clinical safety, efficacy has been mounting over the past few years. Health benefits such as balancing of microbial flora, intestinal cleansing, enhancing the metabolism of fats into energy, control on appetite, optimal weight growth, rejuvenating the enzymes and certain important tasks of human organs etc. are the different functions carried out by the live and human friendly microbial organisms.

Obesity is one of the most prevalent conditions of the current generation, irrespective of the age group and gender it is most vividly troubling problem. Due to the current lifestyle and work environment that involve not much physical activities deposit unnecessary fatty substance growth and paves way for several health disorders impacting quality of life of the individual. Probiotics have been quite successful as weight loss supplements and other substance in controlling excess fat deposition and enhancing the metabolism providing a way for optimal growth avoiding unnecessary obese.

Yogurt, fermented milk products, lactobacillus rich cultures, etc. are the good and valuable sources available naturally as well as weight loss supplements currently in the market across the world. Number of products have been introduced into the market so as considering for the treatment of obesity. These products have gained significance in the regulation of digestive system functions. Number of natural products especially milk products rich in lactobacillus species are more valuable in terms of probiotic content.

Healthy lifestyle is the root cause of our current status of health. Drinking plenty of water, choosing ideal food substances that are good for health rather than going for posh and highly processed, tinned, canned or oily food substances it is always preferable to choose fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibre and promote easy digestion cleansing our gut without deposition of unnecessary food substance. Probiotics as weight loss supplements is recommended for the proper or ideal body weight maintenance and it is always suggested to take advice of a doctor or a pharmacist before consuming the weight loss supplements for more health benefits.

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