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SEOM Company Says Social Networking Sites Become the New Frontier for Web Promoting



Los Angeles, California – The number of internet users joining social networking sites only continue to grow with no end    in sight. People from all four corners of the planet connect online to maintain existing relationships and form new ones.   But it didn't take long for online marketers to discover that social networking sites can also be used to promote both on    and off-line businesses.    They're free to join, easy-to-use, there's no need for technical skills and the number of potential customers and clients    that they contain is truly astronomical.   Members don't need to be a tech savvy Internet entrepreneur or shell out their hard-earned cash to an online business    promotion specialist to get their feet wet in online promoting via social networking sites. They simply need to build a    friends’ list and then start in posting their promotional info, photos and videos.   But is it really all just that easy?   So to get some professional insight on this new and growing trend, who better to talk to then an SEO specialist? SEO is    the acronym for 'search engine optimization', which is techno-speak for online website promotion, and in a recent phone    interview, the company spokesperson for had some interesting things to say on the topic.    He said that, “Social networking sites are a great tool for promoting an online venture, just as long as a person    understands their limitations. For example it takes time and effort to build a sizable list of friends to promote to.    Then do keep in mind that the endgame is convinced those initial friends that you promote to, to then pass on your    information to their friends to hopefully get things moving exponentially upwards."    "While it may sound cheap and easy on the surface, research has shown us time and again that social networking site users    are big on promises and short on action. In short, it's difficult to get people to do much more than exchanged    pleasantries. Then another thing that's well worth keeping in mind here is that no matter what you do on a social    networking site, the operators of the site can cancel you at any time and send all your hard work down the drain. Also    the list of reasons that they will pull the plug on your social networking account for only continues to grow and blatant    business promoting happens to be one of them.”   More than One Site to Choose from:   He went on to say that while for most people their first inclination may be to try their luck on the most popular social    networking site or sites; this may not be the most prudent move.   There are several sites to choose from with the list continuing to expand, and they all have their own set of rules    governing operating protocols and procedures. For a start-up business operator though, who's looking to generate some    initial interest or in doing some quick market research on the cheap, they're certainly a great place to start.    About SEOM Company: collaborates with businesses large and small to formulate and execute strategies designed to drive    traffic to their sites and convert that traffic into financial transactions.   SEOM Company 1916 E. Robinson St. Orlando, FL 32803 1-800-506-2330
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