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Fiberglass doors vs Wood doors



Fiberglass doors and wooden doors are the two preferred door types. While wooden doors are elegant and sturdy, fiberglass doors are durable and multi functional. In wood door, you can experience the tenderness of wood, whereas in a fiberglass door, you can enjoy extensive quality of fiber. Both the door types are used as interior doors, exterior doors, windows, entrance doors and also as door dividers.

Fiberglass or Wood Doors?

Safety:Fiberglass doors score high when durability matters. They last long and stay sturdy surpassing severe climatic conditions. They provide more security against burglars along with greater performance. Fiberglass doors can also be modified according to your needs. In comparison to wood, you will find that fiberglass doors are more energy efficient. You have to treat wood door with preservatives to protect it from termites, but fiberglass door makes you free from any such trouble.

Cost: Fiberglass doors are less expensive than wooden doors, but with utmost sturdiness and durability, they add value to your money. You may need to renew or repair the wood door numerous times, but fiberglass can last for decades.

Durability:If we evaluate fiberglass exterior doors with wood doors, the later has the tendency to bloat and decay in the long run, and are likely to endure irretrievable damage as these doors a vulnerable to dampness and temperature changes. On the other hand, low maintenance requirement of fiberglass doors is one of the prime advantages as fiberglass door does not split, distort, decay or bloat due to clamminess or moisture and can defy harsher weather environment than wood doors.

Finish:Fiberglass doors look very much like wood doors that it is difficult to distinguish between the two. Wood doors have a natural texture with attractive grains and finishes, where as fiberglass doors are created to reflect actual wood grain. When necessary, both materials can be painted or stained, sanded and refinished.

Fixing:Installation of the fiberglass is quite tricky. Before ordering, you must know the accurate size of the opening in which your door will fit as it cannot be sanded or planed afterwards, and it will become a hassle for you to make them fit in an inappropriately measured or allied frame. On the other side, wood entry doors are easy to fit. You can cut them to fit into nearly any casing or opening.

The above main features are to be considered while purchasing fiberglass and wood doors. If you still are confused, then search online. There are many online companies which are providing their services pertaining to different types of doors and windows. You simply have to order the right type of door that complements  your dream house.

About the Author:

Shayann Behjati is the CEO of the US Door & More Inc. 
He has studied Architecture & Design, and has been working in the design and manufacturing and field since 2001. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the woodworking and door industries.

US Door & More Inc. offers a range of exterior doors, wood entry doors, interior doors, fibreglass doors, pre hung doors and glass entry doors.

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