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Pass plus Cheltenham courses help you get cheap insurance rates for your car


   Any good school of motoring Cheltenham will have pass plus Cheltenham courses on offer. These courses are quite popular nowadays as they are not only good for building a driver’s confidence but they also help you get cheaper rates on motor insurance. Most insurance companies recognise the pass plus Cheltenham certification while considering a discount on the insurance policy.



    In the United Kingdom, it is illegal to be driving on a public highway if you do not have any kind of insurance for the vehicle you are driving. So having at least a third party insurance covering personal injury is a must. According to the Road Traffic Act in the UK, every person driving or letting someone else drive their car on a public highway must have an insurance, security or have made a deposit which is specified by law. Most novice drivers do not know about these laws and land up getting into tight situations often as driving schools seldom give us the knowledge about these laws. A good school of motoring Cheltenham is one which gives you sufficient information about these laws as well along with teaching you all about driving. Pass Plus Cheltenham courses are great at making a driver more knowledgeable about these things.



    When you are doing a basic driving course from a school of motoring Cheltenham, you will obviously be more focussed on mastering the auto mobile and these laws and regulations get completely neglected in the process. This is a bad practice in the long run as it is every driver’s duty and responsibility to know these laws and follow them. Rash and reckless driving could be reduced considerably if drivers are told about the laws properly. There are lesser chances of people risking rash driving when they know the possibly large amounts of money involved in case the car does get involved in an accident of any kind.



   There are many types of insurance policies available and there are various points taken into account while deciding the premium for the insurance policy. Drivers below the age of 25 usually have to pay larger premium. This is mostly because younger drivers are considered more prone to accidents, either due to recklessness or inexperience. But premium costs can get considerably reduced for those who have taken the pass plus Cheltenham course from a reputed school of motoring Cheltenham and have a good driving record as per their certification. The insurance policy could be covering just the insured party (medical costs), insured vehicle, third-party (which could be people, cars or other property) or all of these. Some policies even cover theft of vehicle and fire.



   The policies which cover all the above and some additional clauses are the ones which are most expensive. For expensive vehicles, such policies are best to have since damage cost could be extremely high. The premium amount also depends on some other factors like the make of the car, age of the driver, marital status, average usage of car and its purpose, past records, etc. While deciding for pass plus Cheltenham talk to the school of motoring Cheltenham instructors to get their advice.


Pay lesser insurance premiums by getting a  pass plus cheltenham    certification. A reputed  school of motoring Cheltenham    should impart knowledge about insurance laws and regulations along with driving lessons and training.

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