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Before you learn to drive Gloucester, choose between an automatic and a manual car



   Automatic cars and manual cars both have their advantages and disadvantages. When you decide to learn to drive Gloucester, you must make the decision of whether you want to drive an automatic or a manual car first. Often a school of motoring Cheltenham will provide you with both the options to choose from. In such a case, it is important for you to know the differences and choose wisely.



   If you acquire a licence for driving an automatic car, you are not entitled to drive a manual car. Some semi-automatics can be considered as almost automatic but even in these cases there is usually confusion. Although, once you get a license for a manual car, you can also drive an automatic car. You could request your chosen school of motoring Cheltenham to train you in both types of cars and then you can get a license for a manual which will entitle you to drive both types. This is a smart thing to do as you will not, at any point later in life, have to bother about driving either a manual or an automatic.



   If you are planning to learn to drive Gloucester, to eventually drive your own car which you plan to purchase, you need to conduct a thorough research about automatic transmission (AT) and manual transmission (MT) vehicles. One of the primary factors is obviously the cost. Manual transmission cars cost about $1000 lesser than their automatic transmission versions. Maintenance costs for manual cars is also much lesser than automatics as a lot of mechanics are not trained to work on automatics. Manuals give much better mileage as well. In a good school of motoring Cheltenham, before starting classes a thorough discussion is done with the aspiring driver to know what they want and to figure out a suitable arrangement for them. In any case, if you learn to drive Gloucester in a manual, you will find it easier to figure out the automatics and hence have a better understanding of the auto-mobiles.



   If you are inquisitive to know which is the safer of the two car options, then you will unfortunately not get a very specific answer. Some people think automatics are safer as they require minimum control from the driver and hence there is less room for human error. But others feel that this very factor of ‘minimum involvement’ could be the reason for accidents as drivers may indulge in other activities like handling phones, laptops, etc. more easily and thus be distracted which could lead to accidents.



   Automatic cars are great if you drive through congested areas where you need to constantly stop and start. Heavy traffic areas become much easier to manoeuvre with automatic cars. Although, if you learn to drive Gloucester with enough practical training from a reputed school of motoring Cheltenham, then managing heavy traffic areas in manual cars is also not a big deal. One just needs enough practice. Overall, the choice is made by driver based on very personal preferences. For those who like to feel ‘in control’, manual cars are ideal while for those who don’t like to stress themselves too much automatic cars are made for them.


Before you   learn to drive Gloucester    it is important to figure out whether you will be driving an automatic car or a manual one. Join a  school of motoring Cheltenham     which can give you training in both types of cars.

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