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Understanding glasshouses and their importance



   The glasshouses, also referred to as the greenhouses by a few, are nothing but structures in which various flowering plants, fruits and vegetables can be grown under controlled conditions. Though the concept of the greenhouse is nothing new, it has been enjoying the spotlight in recent times. It is becoming a fad all over the world to buy a glasshouse either for homes or for offices. These structures not only facilitate the healthy growth of plants in all seasons, but also contribute to the aesthetics of the outdoor spaces such as lawns, gardens and backyards. The glasshouse is available in various shapes, sizes and forms ranging from a cold frame to Victorian glasshouses. Irrespective of the type of structure you choose, there are certain fundamentals to be aware of before buying them.


   Glasshouses are structures that are made of either plastic or glass. Though the ones that are made of plastic are less expensive than the ones that are made of glass, the latter is preferred because of the beauty it lends to the outdoor spaces. Victorian glasshouses are made using glass as well as aluminium. While the metal is used to make the frame, glass is used for the overall structure.  This combination makes the greenhouse light weight, but sturdy and weather resistant. Aluminium is a metal that is neither affected by intense heat nor the freezing cold. It is also resistant to moisture and does not fall prey to rust and become brittle. Thus, these structures last for years on end without any problems.


   The history of the glasshouses can be traced back to the Roman Empire. The fondness of Tiberius, a Roman Emperor, towards cucumber instigated the Romans to come up with the idea of growing this vegetable round the year so it would be present on the dining table for every meal that the emperor had. Though the design used by the Romans was rusty and lacked many features, it did serve the purpose. Over the centuries, there have been many improvements made to these structures and the ones that are available today are considered to be the best. The Victorian glasshouses, especially, are loaded with features that make them highly conducive for the growth of various plants. These structures are now popular not just in Europe, but other parts of the world as well.


   Glasshouses allow customers to have a greater control over the growth of plants. The Victorian glasshouses are endowed with settings that can control every aspect ranging from the heat to the moisture content in the atmosphere within the structure. The amount of light entering the greenhouse can also be controlled manually. Though the greenhouses were used to grow plants commercially in the past, currently they are used for domestic purposes too. People with a penchant for gardening prefer to invest in the glasshouse since they can indulge in their hobby and also grow healthy produce right at home for consumption. In addition to health benefits, you can also reap monetary benefits when you invest in a greenhouse.

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