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Hong Kong Mandarin School introduces Chinese Language Classes in Hong Kong for Businessmen


   December 9, 2012- Hong Kong is a highly cosmopolitan city with a very strong business presence. It is a very popular port and is a center for luxury in the region. As one of the most notable international cities in the world, businessmen and investors from across the world thrive in Hong Kong. the Chinese language classes in Hong Kong focused on Business learning. Since China is already a global economic force, interested businessmen and investors have to learn the language. The Mandarin Classes in Hong Kong can grow and expand the language learning experience of professionals while also increasing their awareness about Chinese culture and the professional environment.


   The Chinese language classes in Hong Kong are designed to address unique professional requirements of different individuals. This way, students can absorb the information that they need to become effective communicators in the Mandarin language.


   Beginner Business Mandarin is a comprehensive program for business people who wish to improve their ability to use Mandarin when in a seminar, business meeting or a convention in China. The beginner lessons are divided into 3 separate levels depending on the student’s proficiency. Level 1 is for those with no or very limited Mandarin proficiency. This is ideal to give them basic knowledge and be able to answer simple Chinese questions. Level 2 is for those who many have basic knowledge but still have difficulty interacting in Chinese. Level 3 is for those who have some basic knowledge in speaking, writing and answering questions in Mandarin and be able to hone their use of Chinese for business purposes.


   Intermediate mandarin is ideal for businessmen who have developed basic Mandarin skills and would like to further improve their proficiency in an analytical manner and be able to compose sentences or paragraphs in Chinese. The program also prepares students for surprise questions in Chinese and has a familiarity of certain words and colloquialisms that maybe common in specific industries. The program also infuses economic, political, social, and literary aspects and be able to interpret literature.


   Advanced Business Mandarin is divided into 3 different levels depending on the proficiency of the person. Lower advance levels are ideal for those students who have proficiency in using Mandarin in a host of different situations and business topics. The advanced level is ideal for those who are able to learn Mandarin texts and understand them in an implicit manner. advanced lessons are ideal for those who want to study topics such as supply chain management and more complex and subjective topics. The upper advanced level is ideal for those who can handle implicit meanings, speak fluently and converse with people with spontaneity. They can immediately differentiate different meanings of complex texts and utilize the language to create criticisms of the more complicated ideas.


   There are specialized lessons offered by including legal Mandarin, Chinese for Accounting and Finance topics, Business speech Mandarin as well as business courtesy and Chinese culture. All these lessons are ideal for specific language requirements of businessmen no matter what level of proficiency they have.

Expand your proficiency in Mandarin with the help of We offer a wide range of  Chinese language classes in Hong Kong for kids, adults and businessmen.

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