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Why did you first start playing poker?

How did you first become interested in poker? This is a question which has been posed to me a number of times, and I’m certain my answer is very similar to many other aspiring poker players. Personally, the first time I became acquainted with poker was through a friend. He arranged a “home game” and after playing for the first time, I wanted to improve and return to a future poker game with a more sophisticated understanding of how to play poker. Indeed it doesn’t really matter how you first became more aware of the poker world’s existence, but how you react to the very first game of poker you play. Many people like myself become instantly enthralled by the high level of skill, determination and thinking required, whereas for others it simple doesn’t appeal to them.

Improving my poker knowledge did seem like a daunting task at first, but the game interested me greatly. I wanted to be able to compete with my friends, and talk to them about certain poker hands and what the best move would be in various circumstances. Like most things nowadays, my first port of call was the internet. Finding online poker strategy wasn’t hard whatsoever, and the information definitely provided me with the building blocks to obtain a significant amount of poker knowledge.

Reading poker strategy all day isn’t the most invigorating thing to do, so I shortly deposited onto an online poker website and begin to put into practice what I had learned. Playing online allowed me to play many more hands than I would have been able to at a home game, and it also allowed me to try out different techniques, no matter how ridiculous they were. Personally, I took on quite an aggressive style and I enjoyed putting my opponents in situations which required a difficult decision. I think it’s important to play strong hands aggressively and maximise your value from a potentially inexperienced opponent who might not be so aware of the complex strategy behind the game.

At the moment, I’ve still got a lot to learn, but my poker strategy has definitely progressed very strongly. It’s a very challenging game mentally, and I love that aspect about it. It’s essential that you outthink your opponent’s and pick up on any signs they exhibit which might give you more information about their playing style. I try not to think about the money on the table, but concentrate on my opponent’s and treat it as a game. In the next few days, I’m going to read some more advanced online poker strategy and have a shot at higher stakes. This means that there’s more money on the table which I could potentially lose, but I feel the challenge will motivate me to play even better!

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