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Learn Pass Plus with a Driving Instructor in Hoddesdon and Get Lower Insurance Premiums


Newly-licensed drivers’ insurance premiums are high because they are still prone to accidents. They can get more driving practice with Pass Plus , a post-licensure driving lessons Broxbourne program. When they accomplish the modules, they get discounted insurance premiums. And, Taylor Made Driving is one of the best institutions with reputed driving instructors in Hoddesdon that offer this.

After successfully taking driving lessons Broxbourne, passing the licensing test and removing the L-plates on your vehicle, you are entitled to feel a sense of pride. But this does not indicate that you are actually ready for all driving contingencies. The statistical truth is that drivers are more likely to get involved in road accidents in their initial two years of getting licensed, according to the Driving Standards Agency or DSA.

Thus, vehicle insurance costs much more for rookie drivers and limits their options for types of vehicles they are allowed to purchase. However, with Pass Plus – a relatively new program initiated in 1995 – any new licensee can reduce their insurance premiums and obtain further driving training. This is great for new drivers who still lack confidence and may need further driving lessons Broxbourne to help them cope with more challenging situations such as driving in difficult weather, bumpy roads or through heavy traffic and busy intersections.

What is incorporated in the PassPlus course?

Pass Plus  has the objective of improving driving competency after obtaining a license; like a post-graduate course. It requires at least six hours, subdivided into:

•           City driving

•           Night driving

•           Country road navigation

•           Negotiating two-way roads

•           Highway driving

•           Dealing with different weather conditions

Finding a Pass Plus Accredited Driving Teacher

Every module is accomplished when you have shown the ability to achieve or do more than the minimum requirements. To facilitate enrolment in Pass Plus , communicate with a driving instructor Hoddesdon. They could be the one to administer the course or refer you to someone qualified. When referred or if you request for another teacher, most driving lessons Broxbourne academies employ Pass Plus accredited instructors who can very well guide you on the advanced training modules. In each module, the driving instructor Hoddesdon writes about your progress in a report he keeps. You will need to countersign this report as well to evaluate your own competency.

When each module has been done, the driving instructor Hoddesdon sends his report. Once the DSA receives it, they will certify you and give out a discount voucher for affiliated vehicle insurance companies. Taylor Made Driving ( is one of the most reputable driving lessons Broxbourne academies connected with the Pass Plus  program. Taylor Made Driving was one of the first academies to offer advanced courses. They use the latest training systems and employ the best driving instructors in Hoddesdon that truly help teach people to be safe and responsible drivers able to handle any kind of road situation. Some of the best drivers in the country honed their skills here. Anyone who has enrolled here stands a better chance of becoming a truly competent driver, whether before licensing or afterward.

Take your Driving Instructor Hoddesdon course only at, the best Driving Lessons Broxbourne institute.

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