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LED Light Bulb that Saves You Money


Since Thomas Edison introduced the carbon filament bulb, only a few improvements took place in the electric bulb for the next century. But during the past few decades there was a lot of interest on producing energy efficient bulbs. The fluorescent bulb, the CFL bulb and the LED bulb were good results obtained with this research. Out of all these products it is the LED light bulb that has become an outstanding find. There are quite a few reasons for the popularity of these lights.

Reasons for the popularity of LED Lights

The most important factor that causes the popularity of the LED light bulb is its low electricity consumption. In order to provide the same intensity of light that a 40 watt incandescent bulb provides, an LED bulb needs only 4 watts. Similarly, an 18W LED tube will replace a 40W incandescent tube. This causes high saving on electricity of up to 90% with the replacement of all traditional lighting systems with LED lights. This is why it is important for Australia to give priority to LED light.

Long lifespan of LED Lights

Another important feature with LED light bulb is its long lifespan. LED tubes and bulbs last up to 50,000 hours, which is the equivalent of 10 years of full operation if switched on for 10 hours per day. Therefore, they could save a lot in the long run despite their high up-front cost. In fact, LED lights can repay themselves from their own energy savings in less than 3 years, notwithstanding the dramatic decrease in both maintenance and replacement costs. As a result, LED lights are now considered not only as highly efficient but also very cost effective. Although there is a lot of emphasis now placed on LED light Australia has not made the switch yet, compared to other countries around the world where governments advocate the switch.

Switch to LED light bulbs and tubes

When you start using LED bulbs, start by investing in the 40W equivalent LED light bulb. You can choose your light color from a warm to a cool white. You will instantaneously be able to appreciate and compare the dramatic difference of brightness between your old traditional bulb and your new LED light bulb. Plus, you will enjoy the fact that there won’t be any flickering anymore and that LED lights produce a more natural light than other lighting systems. This is ideal for commercial and office buildings where lights need to be on for more than 10 hours. LED lights are made for both indoor and outdoor settings, as they are very robust and durable.

These were some of the benefits offered by LED light Australia needs to consider. With one LED light Australia is going to save money and energy in the next 50,000 hours. LEDs are the latest lighting technology and the revolution has already started in many countries around the world.


When you replace one incandescent bulb with an LED light bulb  you will save money and energy. Despite the many benefits of of LED light Australia  has still not made the switch.

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