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good floor pattern is realistic


Renovation, Wang couples choose cheaper relative to the solid wood flooring a lot of laminate flooring. Floor in order to choose the color pattern with the decorative style of the house, the couple in the selection of the floor, but under a lot of great efforts, traveled almost all of the city's Building Materials City, after several contrast, the couple finally selected the satisfaction floor . Workers comes into play after the two almost every day to stare at the scene to prevent construction workers cut corners, or even steal beams other column abuse unqualified inferior products. Two months later, the renovation is completed smoothly. Please City testing center in order to live in peace of mind, the couple came to detection, results frustration - formaldehyde seriously overweight, its source was actually a carefully selected real surgery laminate flooring. Wood plastic composite Decking

Decoration leak

Parquet plywood substrate is plywood class, by multilayer thin solid wood monolithic adhesive made suit, not easily deformed, lower price, therefore, popular with young people like decoration. But due to the use of adhesive technology, will cause indoor formaldehyde pollution.


In addition, the actual paving process, because the price of high-quality rubber flooring is expensive, many businesses often use the cheaper ordinary plastic, even cheap inferior glue, formaldehyde release is much higher than the floor itself, causing serious pollution of formaldehyde.



1, be sure to choose a product to meet national environmental standards. International environmental organizations require green building materials formaldehyde release standard: A grade is not higher than 9 mg / 100 g, B grade is not higher than 40 mg / 100 g. No green building materials evaluation criteria. Therefore, you should try to choose the brands below the required standards of international environmental organizations. At the same time, you want to choose good quality ingredients, excipients. Best flooring and accessories can be purchased separately and environmental Taiwan signed with the merchant. Use green plastic floor installation or minimize the use of glue, without glue. WPC materials


2, buy laminate flooring, to note the following points:

1), see Material: good substrate to pull pure and free of impurities, fiber color yellow. Engineered wood flooring substrate material full Meranti, Poplar, hardwood and willow hybrid, Yang hybrid type. The full Meranti substrate hardness, stability, gluing properties, processing performance, and other physical characteristics to be significantly better than the other species of the substrate, when conditions allow, the best selection of Meranti substrate floor.


2), see Thickness: international standard thickness of 8 mm, below this thickness is not strong. Complex sets of multi-layer solid wood floor supply on the market except sports flooring, household-type floor usually in length from 900 to 1220 mm, width of 90 to 130 mm, the thickness of 9-18 mm.


3), look at the surface of the wear revolution: home floor surface initial abrasion resistance values ​​generally above 6000 rpm. Available sandpaper to sand the floor surface, such as sand out of the powder is white, i.e. a wear-resistant aluminum oxide layer, such as a powder is a yellow or other colors not wear layer.


4), see Appearance: good floor pattern is realistic, clear, good brightness; fuzzy pattern of low-grade flooring, dull. The purchase, you can put a different brand of wood flooring together for comparison.


5), Pavement, laminate flooring to stay good sizing sewn to prevent laminate flooring with temperature thermal expansion and contraction caused by floor bagging, Alice edge. wood plastic composite

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