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Guild Specialization Tracking For PvP And PvE In Pandaria



Death Knight dominated PvP and PvE when it first launched. Are you ever curious as to which specs are the most popular for raiding or PvP? Well, GuildOx has you covered. Both for PvE and PvP in fact.Top gold sellers listed showing who has the cheapest place to buy world of warcraft gold. Never over pay for your wow gold  again.  Will the mists of Pandaria part to reveal the world's salvation? Maybe you're one of those players who drop in and out of World of Warcraft as their waxing and waning interest dictates.    Perhaps you play through whatever content interests you, then bail out until something fresh comes along.Top gold sellers listed showing who has the cheapest place to buy world of warcraft gold. Never over pay for your warcraft gold again That's an outlook I can't pull off. I never could synchronize my subscription payments with my interest, and paying for the game one month at a time for as many years as I've played WoW seems practically criminal. Hatred brought by cast buff and crowd control skills will be removed. We want communication and coordination of players in the underground city become easier, especially in the underground city when making a team with random strangers. We hope that the difficulty lies in fighting the underground city itself, rather than a monster on the mark. We also believe that this will improve the quality of life of the tank, the tank from the outset, they must shoulder more responsibility, such as tactics, tag battle monsters and grasp the rhythm.   There's a lot of interesting things to pull out of this data. For starters, just looking at the PvP data, where are the rogues? Seeing LC1211TZ rogues so low level in PvP (an area they've dominated as recently as Cataclysm) is kind of a shocker. Frost mages, shadow priests, arms warriors, beast mastery hunters and frost DK's are the most dominant non-healing specs in PvP right now.   Over on the PvE side of the fence, (drawn from the top 5% of raiding characters) we see that Blood DK's and Guardian Druids are the most popular raid tanks, but that all tank classes are fairly close together save for brewmaster monks. I don't know why but clearly they're not taking off as tanks yet, perhaps due to entrenchment. Most raids tend towards established tanks, after all.   Please let us know what you think, if we're on the right track, or if you think we missed a big PvP issue. For DPS classes, fire mages and shadow priests are the most popular, followed by beast mastery hunters and affliction warlocks. Buy cheapest WOW Gold within seconds. Safe, Fast, Cheap! During 3 years, 500,000 customers Buy WOW Gold in Cheapest Price. Misty Simpson our MOP herb expert says there are other herbs on site. Herbal experts traveled all over the world, carefully collected and picking a variety of herbs with great value in use. When they travel, herbal experts will pay particular attention to find those rare and precious vegetation, which can be converted into particularly valuable secret formula in other professions. Herbal experts can provide a large number of materials for themselves (or their associations and team) to help their artisans, or sell for wow gold.   This is interesting when contrasted with the actual state of DPS classes in normal and heroic raiding atm. Rogues are interestingly split with their shark items between assassination and combat, keeping them from challenging any of these classes. As for healing, restoration shamans and druids and holy paladins seem to be on top, but discipline priests look strong as well, with mistweaver monks trailing behind.
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