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How To Buy WoW Gold /Mists Of Pandaria Gold With Western Union 2013?



When we talk about buying wow gold online, we should think about which payment method to choose. Usually, professional online stores like our website provide four kinds of payment method:Paypal, moneybookers, paypal via credit card and western union. Since most of players choose to buy via paypal, few people know the ways how to buy wow gold  Mists of Pandaria gold with western union method. Here we will share with you a few steps on how to pay via western union. But what if WoW didn't have a subscription rate at all? What if it were free to play, either from the outset or for players who'd subscribed a certain amount of time? My guess is that a lot more players would feel free to drop out for real life, for waning interest, for all sorts of reasons. What if there were a lifetime membership plan? Would you still feel obligated to regularly log in and bang out your money's worth, or would you feel more likely to take a break when you felt like it? Step 1: Go to a local participating Western Union Agent location.Find the nearest Western Union Agent location. Step 2: Request and fill out the Blue Form Once you have obtained the Blue Form from the Western Union Agent, you must fill out appropriate information. In addition to the payment amount, it you only need to provide the company code and your order reference number. Step 3: Come to Live Help with our MTCN. Once you have made the payment and paid the Western Union Agent will issue a unique transaction LC1208TZ identification number known as Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). Step 4: Send your details: Real name and MTCN, your country, money amount and your order details (which server you are in, your character name in game, gold amount. Your email address and Phone Number fields will be avail for further contacting) or you may ask our operators for help. They are willing to confirm your order in a short time. Step 5:The fifth way is to learn lock-pick. At level 16, your local Rogue trainer will give you a quest to obtain the Thief's Tools and the lock-pick skill. Take the quest. Lock-picking opens up a whole new world of money-making possibilities! There have been thousands of websites offering wow gold if you search online, however, not all of them are safe place to Buy WOW Gold. There have been an equal number of sites that made a lot of promises, but do not deliver fast or even getting your accounts banned. Buying Wow gold online is a risky business, especially if you have a well established Wow account with excellent kits. There are many scams or rip-off websites that just want to take your money. It is difficult to decide which site you should choose to buy wow gold. Most of Wow Accounts holders tend to look for game hacks or exploits. Sometimes, we may do stumble and then get into sites or forums claiming that they have a program capable of duping items and generating gold in Wow. Either they will ask for your account details or make you download a certain of software (key-loggers) mining your Wow account. There was once a bot program that surfaced the net in the past. It actually worked, you could use it to power level your World of Warcraft characters in a breeze. Many didn't know that their Wow username and passwords was secretly sent to game hackers. It's a scam trust me. You wouldn't like to be a weeping loser at the end. With the above four steps,you'll be able to buy wow gold or wow pandaria gold with western union payment method and go through smoothly with your payment. This guides are coming from our website. If you'd like to know something more about wow guide or buy safe gold news,you can enter our website and get something worthy for your reference.
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