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Finding air plants


   If you love plants but having a hard time looking for the best soil and pots, then choose air plants instead. An air plant is not hard to take care of because it doesn’t need a soil to survive. It is kept indoors as decors or you can hang them on your patio or windows. If you have decided to buy for an air plant, think of where you can purchase it. The most convenient way to search and shop is the internet. Through web-browsing, you can search for a hundred websites just by a few clicks. You can also compare prices online without the hassle of calling the company. Internet can also deliver your packages right on your doorstep you won’t have to travel and pick-up your orders. You can also ask your local gardeners if they have the specific air plant you want. For example, if you’re looking for Tillandsia, they can look for the species you want. You can also ask your relatives and friends who have nurseries at home. You can ask then your choice of air plant and they can give you useful information in taking care of your plant.



   If you don’t want to go out of your house then web browsing is the most convenient way to look for the air plants you need. There are a lot of websites offering different attractive air plants with or without containers. You can also choose what plant would fit your budget because prices are usually provided in each of the plant’s profile. Tillandsia, for example, is available in almost every air plant companies and you can choose the type or specie you want. If you’re worried that you might travel a thousand miles for the plant, worry no more because there are online companies that will deliver your parcels right at your doorstep.


Local gardeners

   Gardeners can also be a source for air plants. Though it is time-consuming because you have to find the specific gardener for these kinds of plants, it can be very useful because you are given some useful information about the plant. Gardeners can also give you the best kind of plant because you are sure they are professionally well taken care of. When looking for orchids, ferns and tillandsia, get your car keys, drive around and look for the best gardeners in town.


Friends and relatives

   What could have been easier than asking your friends and relatives? Another way to look for an air plant is through your friends and relatives who are fascinated to plants or who have nurseries at home. You are also guaranteed that those plants are well taken care of. Who knows, you can get those plants for free.

Nowadays,  air plants  are very popular decors and you can avail them by visiting our website. If you want a Tillandsias  in a special container, you can browse on our wide variety of air plant projects. There is useful information as well on air plant care.

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