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Creative containers for air plants


   Air plants are unique indoor decors that add color and life to a house or room. An example of an air plant that you can use as a display inside your house is the Tillandsia. These are small plants with long and thin leaves that look like the head of a pineapple. This kind of plant has over 500 species of the Bromeliad family and can found mostly on forests and mountains of tropical regions. You can be creative in making your air plant as decors by placing them on unique containers. A ceramic bowl can be a container of this plant because of its shape. It is important to allow air to circulate on the plant to keep it healthy. Another container that you can use is anything that is made of wood. You can simply place them on pieces of wood and their roots will wrap around the container as they grow. A hand blown glass is also a decorative container for your air plant but keep in mind that these containers must have open spaces to allow air penetrate inside the container. Conch shells are also attractive containers for this kind of plant.



   Bowls made of ceramic and glasses are simple containers for your air plants. You can fill the bowl with small white pebbles then place the plant on top. It is a simple but stylish container for your plant. You can place your Tillandsia on bowls and use it as a décor in your living room or as a centerpiece.



   The good thing about air plants is that they can be placed in almost any kind of container. Wood is also used to mount this kind of indoor plants. However, if you opt to hang it, remember to place it on a sheltered area as long as there is no direct sunlight. In watering these plants, you also have to soak for an hour or two then shake for excess water before placing it back to its container.


Hand blown glass

   These are the most stylish and eye-catching containers that you can use for your Tillandsia. Hand blown glasses are ideal containers for this kind of plant because it allows air to circulate within the container. It also keeps the plants clean which is very important in taking care of your plant. Hand blown glass can be suspended in air or simply place it on counters or tables as centerpieces.


Conch shells

   Conch shells are also used as containers for an air plant. Conch shells have openings where the plant can be securely placed. These containers are adorable and have an earthly touch to it. When using conch shells as containers for your air plant, make sure it’s clean and placed on well-lighted room. Let air circulate on the plant and hydrate it 3 times a week.

For more interesting  air plants   projects, visit our website and choose on a variety of air plants in different containers. Tillandsias  are not only good decors at home but also as perfect gifts for friends and colleagues.

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