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Use technology to stop driving while texting and teen driver Facebook addiction


   The problem with teenagers is that they often act carefree not matter what. This becomes dangerous when they use their phones when driving. The stats for teenage driving accidents are alarming and one should do everything in their might to stop them. It may not be possible to completely eradicate rash teenage driving but with proper awareness and education it can be reduced. And with technology now available as support it is possible to really stop driving while texting and teen driver Facebook addiction.



   75% of all teens are prone to driving while texting. Imagine the dangers this can cause. It is not only the driver that is put at risk but also the other people on the roads. Driving requires the driver to pay full attention and texting while driving definitely reduces the awareness of the attention that is required. Hence, if there is a situation where an immediate reaction is needed a split second delay may become the defining moment and can make the difference between life and death.



   Facebook, while it is a fantastic thing to have is also dangerous when it comes to driving. Teen driver Facebook addiction is a reality and has to be curbed at almost any cost. People love to upload their status on Facebook all the time and there are people that cannot be without a status update every few minutes. Someone driving a car may just click a photo and upload it at that instant. And all this is being done when they are driving. In this case also the attention span is  reduced and can cause a calamity.



   Now that almost everyone uses smartphones texting and using Facebook have become as simple as tapping the phone a few times. Teens think that nothing is going to happen if they just look away from the windscreen to their phone screen for a second but you know how it can make a difference. At 60, they travel the length of a basketball court.  Stats say that using phones while driving can cause 23 times more likely to be in an accident than normal. Even drunk driving is half as dangerous as driving th using the phone. People earlier used to speak on their phone while driving. When this was outlawed they started using headphones and speakerphones. The  new menace has arrived in the form of smartphones. People, especially teens, now have many more things to do on their phone and this is dangerous while they are driving.



   As adults it is important that you constantly educate teens about the dangers of driving while texting and teen driver Facebook addiction. However, teens can sometimes have a problem with listening to advice. A better option is to use technology.



   Technology can render a phone useless the moment someone starts driving their car. Driving while texting and teen driver Facebook addiction can be completely eradicated with technology. Adults can also keep a tab on their teen’s whereabouts and receive alarms if there is a problem. If you care about your teen's well-being then it is time you invested in this technology.


Driving while texting  and Teen driver Facebook  addiction are both dangerous and should be nipped in the bud.

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