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What you hear is not necessarily what you’ll find!


One thing I have learned from my trips around the world – don’t believe everything you get from the media. As a keynote speaker I have visited many countries that were completely different on the ground to what the media projected – most recently it was Colombia’s turn.
What I found was:

Possibly one of the friendliest, fun nations in the world. This friendliness is a way of life – even when I went into shops, browsed and came out “purchase less” the customer service staff were friendly, courteous and gracious. There was no sense that their courtesy was delivered based on potential purchase like we find in many stores around the globe. Indeed it is no surprise that Colombia boasts many successful contact/customer service centers for many big brands – there is a natural fit between their personality and the demands of this business. (It was their representative body that got me to speak)*Colombia rank number 6 in the Happy Planet Index.

n the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá (49 km north of Bogota), at 2.652 m Altitude, Colombia has one of the most amazing visitor attractions in the world. In essence this is an amazing Cathedral located approx. 200m underground – before reaching it, you are mesmerised by the 14 stations of the cross, each of which have been sculptured/carved from the rock face. The Cathedral boasts the largest cross in the world. But it wasn’t the amazing physical structures that took my breath away, it was the place itself – you sensed something special, amazing there. At the entrance the sign describes it as “spiritual… inspirational” which is hard to imagine when you are visiting what appears to be an old mine. It doesn’t take long before I certainly sensed that their description wasn’t misleading.

Colombians love their food! Bogota is filled with superb restaurants that will delight your taste buds!

Finally, I believe that Colombia is a hidden treasure, when the real truth about Colombia gets out that it is a safe and cool place to visit, you will see continued and increased growth here.
As a keynote speaker, I argue the need to become the guardian to your mind – in this case switching off the media is the appropriate advice and go visit Colombia – you will enjoy!



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