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Do the opposite of what you fear


How can you change attitudes and beliefs - a very popular question posed to any motivational speaker at conferences around the world.

Well the answer is – it is very simple, yet very difficult.
Attitude and beliefs are like muscles, the more you use them, the stronger they get - on the other hand, lack of use causes them to atrophy and die.

The key is to do the opposite of what you normally do – easy but hard!
Someday, I’m going to do a bungee jump. The real challenge is that I am afraid of heights! To overcome this fear and prepare myself for my bungee jump, I make a point of going across the high ropes at every opportunity at our local adventure center. It doesn’t matter that I am afraid, or that there are large pools of sweat underneath the ropes! All that matters is that I am feeling the fear – and doing it anyway. The sense of exhilaration and achievement when I get back to earth again is indescribable and worth every drop of sweat! Over time, I know that I will condition myself to reduce my fear of heights until I can make that jump over the precipice.

Many people have been brought up on what I describe as a diet of security. The major mouldmakers in their life advised on the necessity to settle down, have the 2.1 kids, enjoy the permanent and pensionable job and so on. Obviously this model is totally redundant in today’s world! So in essence the child was brainwashed that taking the secure route is the only way in life.

Thus when faced with a safe choice and let’s say an entrepreneurial one, without doubt their automatic instinct is to take the road well-travelled. To change this attitude, first step is indeed understanding how you integrated it, followed by a commitment to choose an alternative route in the future. Thus taking the road less travelled, the entrepreneurial path will help to disempower this existing belief, will hasten the athropy process and so on.
So as a motivational speaker I suggest you write down the following two words and review them on an ongoing basis. The words - Choose differently! When faced with a choice between renewing a habit that isn’t serving you or taking the road less travelled – choose differently, and watch your life transform before your very eyes.

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