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Salt Water Swimming Pool Owners are Growing in Numbers


Malibu, California - Once a relative rarity in backyards and businesses, the saltwater swimming pool is now being seen in increasing numbers as more people continue to make the switch. It's also the higher level of information that's now available on the Internet that's viewed as the primary driving force for this growing trend.

In short, more swimming pool owners are reading about salt water and discovering surprising facts that the general public was for the most part simply unaware of just a few short decades back. Information like the fact that saltwater swimming pools, in spite of their name, really aren't that salty.

When most people think of swimming in saltwater, the picture that comes to mind is the ocean, which happens to be very salty. The average saltwater swimming pool, on the other hand, is only about 1/5 the percentage salinity as ocean water.

They're also finding out the primary reasons why someone would opt for a saltwater swimming pool in the first place, reasons that in the past, prior to the ready availability of information on the Internet people in general were simply unaware of.

The salt in a saltwater swimming pool is converted to chlorine by way of an electric powered chlorine generator that splits the sodium/chloride atom into its two individual molecules, with one being sodium and the other being chlorine.

So rather than an excess amount of chlorine having to be regularly dumped into the pool to account for the fact that it's continually being dissipated, with a saltwater swimming pool chlorine is gradually introduced to the water at an optimal, steady, regular rate.

The net result is both a lower amount of chlorine and clearer water as a result of lower algae growth as well. The perfect amount of chlorine is maintained, no more, and no less for maximum effect in controlling algae growth.

With a saltwater swimming pool less chlorine also of course means less chlorine to smell for a fresher, more natural swimming experience. Then for people with a heightened sensitivity to chlorine, it also means no longer having to tolerate skin and eye irritation.

Indoor swimming pool owners, in particular, for whom chlorine odor is a far greater issue in an enclosed space, are in even greater numbers finding relief by making the switch.

So with so many benefits and the only real downside being the expense of purchasing the equipment that's required for changing over, the trend is only expected to grow as home and business owners continue to discover the benefits of a saltwater swimming pool. is a leading warehouse supplier of prefab pools, kits, supplies and accessories, serving the entire North American Continent.


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