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Kamagra and Erectalis: Two Great Medicines for Treating Erectile Disfunction


   Kamagra is a great drug that is similar to Viagra. It cures impotence by improving penile blood flow. Erectalis is a newer drug similar to Cialis that is also effective in the treatment of impotence and has a longer-lasting effect. Both drrugs are readily available online but need prescriptions and must be taken with precautions.


   Men all over the world already know about the great things that anti-impotency drrugs can do to improve their seex lives. Kamagra and Erectalis are now readily available everywhere are even accessible online. However, men still don’t realise the importance of learning more about these drrugs. It is a grave mistake to assume that all the small print regarding these medicines and their specific guidelines about their intake are safe to disregard. All related literature should be read in order to maximise the benefits of these drrugs.


   The appropriate dosage of these drrugs can be determined upon consultation with a physician, preferably a specialist. Once established, the prescribed dose should be adhered in order to minimise the possibility of experiencing adverse reactions. The drug is intended for the alleviation of erectile disfunction and is produced by India’s Ajanta Pharma.


   Kamagra comes in 50 and 100 mg formulations with a single dose effectively lasting for a minimum of four hours and a maximum of around six. A single dose must never exceed 100 mg. Adverse effects that have been reported by some men include headache, dizziness and diarrhoea. If any of these side effects are experienced, especially when prolonged, medical consultation is warranted. Penile pain upon errection should also be reported so that a doctor should be able to explain possible causes and safety measures to be taken into consideration.


   A newer medicine called Erectalis has also been introduced to the market. Produced by Cipla, it is almost identical to Cialis which is manufactured by Ely Lilly. A 20 mg dose is enough to treat erectile problems with the duration of efficacy being much longer than that of Viagra. For this reason, it has become a preferred drug for enhancing seexual function. Tadalafil is its chief ingredient and this effectively relaxes the penile blood vessels, even after seexual activity enabling more errections to be achieved in succession.


   Erectalis can also be purchased online at very reasonable prices with great security and privacy. These medications for improving potency are great especially if your seexual relationships have been going downhill. Impotency and poor seexual function can really ruin a loving relationship but these drrugs can be the way for you to reinvigorate your seex life and thus improve the overall health of your relationship.

Kamagra  and Erectalis  are both available at amazingly affordable prices. Order discreetly online now!

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