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Dazzling gold charm pieces for the lovely bridesmaids


Wedding, even the most regular affair calls for some delightful extravagance when, speaking about the aesthetics of the occasion. The lavish designer gown, the silver and gold charm pieces, the rare orchid-made bridal bouquet, the rich four-tier wedding cake, the décor of the setting, etc. exudes a kind of opulence that every man and woman has to afford at this point of their lives. Bridesmaids, the reason why young men attend wedding parties also require to be dressed and decked conscientiously to stand complimentary to the women of the occasion. Apart from matching dresses, shoes and flower bouquets, one thing that marriage ladies can wear differently to assert their individuality is the silver pendant and charm pieces.


Suitable Shapes

The fad creeping around these charms has given the manufacturers a reason to reconsider the designs and styles employed to create these charms. If wedding be considered, then you need to be choosy in picking gold charm jewels for the bridesmaids. You cannot be random in your choice of shapes as they should be reflective of the wedding theme. Heart, shoe, wedding bells, candles, cakes, flower bouquets are some of the shapes that can be considered for charm jewels for wedding occasions. Alternatively, you can also go for neutral ones like a stone-studded dice, a magic wand, a star or a simple stone encrusted in a plain silver or gold holder. The considerations of shape and style apply for silver pendant pieces as well.


Stones or Not

This is entirely on the preference and sense of style of the buyers. Some ladies have a thoughtless hankering for stone-based jewels while other like to go elegant with plain, simple ones. Stone jewels will make the pieces more expensive and heavy. A silver pendant laid with an array of stones or set with a big stone will definitely have more esthetic appeal, if the right stone is chosen against the sparkling white and yellow metal. However, if you are temperately superstitious, you can go for gemstone gold charm pieces that have positive effects on the mind and body of the wearer.


Antique or Contemporary

Antique pieces are more pricey units than the contemporary ones because of the antiquity value, and the purity of the metal used. Quite naturally, a silver pendant that is high on antiquity will have a greater appeal on the onlookers than the rest. However, if you are not prepared to splurge on bridesmaid jewelry at this point, you can try out the contemporary fashion jewels. The modern gold charm jewels are both cool to look at and are easy on the pocket. Besides, you can choose from a wide variety of designs and styles as the market is rich in stylish jewels at this point. As for antique charms and pendants, it is not likely to find a whole array of them in one shop. Most importantly, you can buy three charms by the price of one antique charm.

Are you on a look-out for gold charm pieces? We are an online fashion jewelry store offering silver pendant and charm pieces of exquisite styles.

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